The Rebel Alliance


rebel_emblem.jpg Although the Empire’s propaganda would have the general public believe the Rebellion to be a collection of thieves and pirates, the Alliance to Restore the Republic has proven to be a real threat to the New Order.

The Civil Government

The Top Tier

Due to necessity, the Alliance runs as a benevolent dictatorship where the Advisory Council has a strong influence on Mon Mothma, the leader of the Rebellion. To accommodate this form of government, the Alliance has been split into two major organizations: The Civil Government and the Military.

Allied Commands

Allied command works directly below the upper tier of the rebellion. The responsibilites of day-to-day, administration, governance, and defense efforts are managed by Allied Command. The Alliance has maintained that the unique and dynamic cultures of the allied governments were to be left unhomogenized. This has led to a diverse collection of non-human leaders found within the ranks of the Rebellion.

The Rebel Alliance

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