The Galactic Empire


The dominant influence of the galaxy, the Galactic Empire shapes the daily lives of every being on every planet. This control is accomplished through an elaborate network of military might and bureaucratic sophistry, incorporation both established orginizaitons and new factions. However, there are plenty of holes in their dominant rule waiting to be taken advantage of. Imperial_Emblem.png

Tiers of Order

Grand Moffs

The Grand Moffs exist under the Emperor in position and status, and are individuals of politcal and military might that are the most invested in the New Order. Grand Moffs reserve the right to assume a Moffs command of a given sector.


The traditional sectors fall under the command of the Imperial Moffs. Moffs are responsible for all security and military might within their governed sector. Moffs reserve the right to assume a planetary governor’s command of a given planet.

Planetary Governor

While most planets are allowed to continue using the previously-established governing body as they did under the Old Republic, the Empire has employed Imperial liaisons to oversee the planet and ensure the proper policy and protocol is enforced.

Imperial Customs

Although they work hand-in-hand with the Imperial Navy, Imperial Customs is an entirely separate branch of the military hierarchy. The branch employs its own fleet and orbital defense platforms in order to effectively enforce that taxes, tariffs, and intergalactic law is enforced.

Imperial Law

Any being that chooses not to follow the law while in Imperial space is subject to deal with The Imperial Office of Criminal Investigations (IOCI). The IOCI works with the Commision for the Preservation of the New Order (COMPNOR) when dealing with transgressions that threaten the New Order. Otherwise the IOCI generally has jurisdiction that spans the known galaxy.

The penalties for breaking imperial law varies per the crime. The five classes of penalty is administered by the imperial Space Ministry
Class Five: Minor infractions often resulting in small fines. These may include breaking import/export laws or not having the proper emergency equipment. Fines can be as high as 1000 credits.
Class Four: Imposed by moving common spice, tax-evasion, expired licenses, or carrying low-grade contraband without documentation. Fines can be as high as 5000 credits.
Class Three: Imposed by moving high-end contraband, narcotics, or technology. Fines can be as high as 10000 credits along with the vessel and relevant contraband being impounded.
Class Two: Transporting truly restricted weaponry or technology may impose a class two. Being affiliated with the Rebellion will result in a class two with harsher results. Fines are at least 10000 credits with 5-30 years jail on top.
Class One: Capital offenses such as piracy and firing on other spacer or imperials. Substantial connections to the Rebellion is also grounds for a class one. Punishment results in decades of jail for the lucky or execution otherwise.

Planetary laws are generally enforced by the planet’s governing body. The further one gets from imperial space, the less likely imperial codes will be adhered to.

The Galactic Empire

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