Ryckert Station


Ryckert Station was constructed in Brigia’s orbit by the Separatist regime during the Clone Wars. It was primarily used to rearm and refuel smaller transports and freighters that moved important cargo to other systems with the Tion Cluster. Since the inception of the Empire, the station has been refitted by the entrepreneurial business owners of the Pakuuni system. The station is now a refueling station and checkpoint for those who wish to either enter Brigian space or legally enter the Tion Cluster. Space_station_SWG.jpg

The upper portion of the station includes casino and cantina administrated by the Pakuuni entrepreneurs while the large center portion houses the maintenance staff, refueling personnel, Brigian administrators, and the escape pods. The lower portion holds three large pylons, fitted with turbolifts, which act as docking platforms. The station is also equipped with a laser cannon fitted atop the recreation section.

An Act of Terror

Ryckert Station was partially destroyed during a terrorist attack made by an unknown faction. The five PCs defeated them only to have the turbolifts destroyed, cutting off access to their ships below. The PCs made it off the station before it fully decompressed from the explosion. The remnants of Ryckert Station have been claimed by the empire and is being reconstructed to aid the imperial incursion on the planet below.


Ryckert Station

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