Player Characters

Player Character Species Career Spec
Kelly Krassk Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Assassin, Gadgeteer, Modder
Devin C-17 Droid Technician Mechanic, OutlawTech, DroidTech
Steve Jak-Phi Niko Nikto Jedi: Guardian Armorer, SoresuDefender, Protector
Alex Marcus Gagarin Human Explorer Scout, BigGameHunter, Trader
Sarah Sirah Lightcaster Human Colonist Politico
Matt dreke Zabrak Bounty Hunter Survivalist, Gadgeteer
Steve Vals’ti’gkrumlar Chiss Smuggler Pilot, ForceEmergent, AtaruStriker
Chad Saladdik Wookie Hired Gun Bodyguard

Player Goals

Anywhere from 1 to 3 extra experience points can be earned per session by fulfilling or otherwise pursuing the character’s personal goal.


  • Make Bounty Hunter clan
    • Kill/Subvert Vigo Cleezo
    • Recruit members
  • Shoot Everybody Loves Krassk
  • Find/Train Gary the Vornskr


  • Seeds of Vengeance.
    • Research droid control methods
    • Eliminate and repurpose C-18 droids
    • Find whatever remains of the C-16 droids
    • Build my own line of droids through my business to rival THE EMIPRE ITSELF
  • Businessman
    • Grow ModTech Automation on Ord Mantell
    • Outfit ship to be a mobile shop

Jak-Phi Niko

  • Become a personal guard/advisor to a rebel leader/figurehead.
    • Aquire ancient jedi/Sith lore/items.
    • Rebuild the old order!
    • Collect Information regarding history, warfare, species.
    • Work on building a knowledge base of contacts.
  • Become a Known Armorer/weapon smith. new and rebuilt!
    • Aquire a workshop. Hand built from the ground up with my own 2 hands.
    • Develop custom armor line. open for requests within reason.
    • Obtain a contact network.
    • Build armor to support a fighting force to counter Fels army with.

Marcus Gagarin

  • Barton Fel is a obviously powerful Force User, and is actively hunting C17. Gather as much information about him as possible.
  • Alderaan was destroyed by a “Death Star” which the rebels have since destroyed. I owe them a great debt, I should help them however I can.
  • Investigate Myrkr for whatever anti force properties Stig experienced, and Drekka spoke of.

Sirra Lightcaster

  • Assassinate Moff Tempkin/Free Brother
    • Sub goal
    • Sub goal
  • Secondary goal
    • Sub goal


  • becoming the hand of death
    • gain rep as a bounty hunter
    • hunt for big bounties
    • take assassination jobs from the empire
  • taking back Mandalore
    • speek to Fen about what I need to do to help the conflict
    • take out as many death wach higher ups as possible
    • get stigs back for selling out my people
    • obtain a bad ass ship

The Players Ships




Character Obligation Type Value Roll Table
Krassk Black Sun 5 1-5
Y-Wing Debt 15 16-20
Jak Frontier Justice 5 21-25
Oath 10 26-35
Contract 5 36-40
C-17 Bounty 8 41-48
Marcus Gagarin Family 1 49
Sirra Lightcaster Dutybound 3 50-52
Family 2 53-54
Group Fel/Inquisitor 5 55-59
Character (Out of Play) Obligation Type Value Roll Table
Dreke Oath 7
Debt 5
Saladdik Oath 7
Debt 10
Stig’Val’Krumlar Debt 0
Duty 10

Player Characters

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