Pakuuni is a planet positioned in the galactic-eastern section of the Tion Cluster. The planet and its several orbital space stations serve as one of the many checkpoints found throughout the cluster.

The planet itself has been found to be a haven for smugglers and outlaws of all kinds. This is due to the lawless nature of the system in addition to the lack of Imperial influence within the cluster. One of the only legitimate forms of business that has extended to other systems is the Pakuuni gambling circuit. Several Pakuuni humans have purchased and fitted several space stations with casinos and other gambling technology.

Gambling Stations

Almost every system within close proximity of the Pakuuni system has a Pakuuni-managed orbital refueling platform. The stations tend to have a checkpoint and fuel depot on the main deck, usually managed by the system’s natives. However, the upper casino deck is managed by the Pakuuni, themselves.

Savage Neighbors

The system is also home to the Munto Codru system. This temperate, mountainous planet is home to the Codru-Ji, a humanoid race that share similarities with canines. The Pakuuni tend to distant themselves from the planet, as the residents are both unwelcoming and technologically-behind.


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