Mon Calamari


Astronavigation Data: Outer Rim, Calamari Sector, Calamari System
Orbital Metrics: 398 days per year / 21 hours per day
Government: Representative Council
Population: 27.5 Billion (60% Quarren, 39% Mon Calamari, 1% Other)
Languages: Mon Calamarian, Quarrenese, Basic
Terrain: Oceans, reefs
Major Cities: Aquarius, Coral City, Coral Depths, Foamwander, Heurkea
Areas of Interest: Mkbuto Seatree Preserve, Knowledge Bank
Major Exports: Seafood, High Technology, Starships, Weapons
Major Imports: foodstuffs, medicine, technology
Trade Routes: Overik Griplink
Special Conditions: none
Grid Coordinates: U-6


Imperial Influence

Areas of Interest

Mon Calamari

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