Mandalorian Protectors

Born to Fight

The Mandalorian Protectors are a group of the war-like Mandalorians native to the planet Mandalore located in the Mandalore Sector led by a figure known as the Mand’alor, established following the fall of the most recent government, the New Mandalorians, after they were usurped by Death Watch, a splinter group of Mandalorians…Mandalore.

Formed by the recently-deceased ARC trooper, Spar, the group has established itself as a group of freedom fighters bent on driving the Empire off of the planet. The group is currently led by a small group of natives operating in a remote location far from the capital city of Keldabe.

In the Empire

According to the Empire, the Protectors are a known terrorist group that must be dealt with. They have been known to attack various supply lines, internment camps, and mining facilities. Several people sporting the Protectors armor have also been found on various planets and have been rumored to capture the indigenous creatures by force to further their goal.

Mandalorian Protectors

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