Astronavigation Data: Outer Rim, Mandalore Sector, Mandalore System
Orbital Metrics: 366 days per year / 19 hours per day
Government: Various Mandalorian warrior clans. Imperial incursion
Population: 4 Million (80% Human, 20% other)
Languages: Basic, Mando’a
Terrain: Forests, Grass Plains, Deserts (white-sand)
Major Cities: Keldabe, Sundari, Enceri
Areas of Interest: Kelita River, MandalMotors Tower, Kyrimorut
Major Exports: Starships, Mercenaries
Major Imports: raw materials
Trade Routes: Mandalorian Road
Special Conditions: The majority of the planet has been reduced to radioactive white-sand deserts.
Grid Coordinates: O-7


Mandalore is a terrestrial planet in the Mandalore Sector home to several beings (mostly human) known as Mandalorians . The planet was covered in a rich natural landscape, mostly untouched due to the sparse sentient population. Following a resurgence in the war-like mandalorians almost 750 years ago, the planet was razed by the Republic, reducing most of the planet (save for the area around Keldabe) to large, radioactive deserts. This led to the formation of a pacifist movement known as the New Mandalorians. This group established several domed-cities in the wastes in an attempt to remove themselves from their past.

Recently, the New Mandalorians were overthrown by a splinter group in an attempt to relive the old ways. This event weakened the Mandalorian inhabitants and led to the Imperial incursion.

Imperial Influence

Shortly after the fall of the Old Republic, the newly-formed Galactic Empire all but invaded the planet. This move led to the eventual subjugation of large portions of the population, creation of several Imperial-owned factories, and the inception of several large-scale mining operations.

It is rumored that the splinter group responsible for dismantling the New Mandalorians, Death Watch, is allied with the Empire and assisting the occupation. There have also, unsurprisingly, been reports of attacks made against the Empire by a native group known as the Mandalorian Protectors. Where either of these groups are operating is unknown.


Keldabe (capital)

The largest city on Mandalore. The city rests atop a granite plateau with the Kelita River forming a natural moat around the city. Adding to the fortifications, there is also a natural wall forming around the edge of the plateau. The city is packed with an array of buildings made from durasteel to wood.

  • Imperial planetary fortress (outside of city)
  • Keldabe Spaceport
  • MandalMotors Tower
  • Oyu’baat Tapcafe
  • MandalMotors Hall
  • Kelita River
  • Market district
  • Various clan halls
  • Imperial-owned vehicle depot
  • Narrow, winding dirt paths


The domed city has been abandoned for over a decade due to political strife. After the New Mandalorians were overthrown, the city was taken over by other warring factions. This, along with its inconvenient location, led to its citizens migrating to the other cities on Mandalore.

  • Ruins:
    • Royal Palace
    • Mandalore Banking Center
    • Schools and hospitals
    • Supply Docks


Enceri is a remote town serving as a remote trading hub for Keldabe, Sundari, and many of the other smaller settlement in the region. The remoteness of the small (even by Mandalorian standards) has allowed Enceri to avoid Imperial detection.

  • Enceri Cantina
  • Marketplace
  • mining operation

Concordia (moon)

Mandalore’s forest moon. Home to some low-key mining operations.


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