J'Z' Defense


im jak, and i created J’Z’ Defense with the intention to make the best armor you could ask for. got a special embilishment you want, maybe a high defense armor complete with the most advance rigging available? i can make it happen, all hand made by me, quality i can guarantee guarantee.gif theres no automated process that goes on where no one is paying attention to the armor that your paying for! I’m so invested into making only the best, i have gone to great lengths to secure restricted materials if needed to make YOUR custom armor. Statisicts show that the average being that doesn’t where any armor is over 3.14159265359 times more likely to die without having a chance as someone with even basic armor, and it only scales up from there! You spend most of your time seeking comfort, and protection, so why not have both? You spend on avg 16 galactic hours a galactic day in it, so might as well make sure its some high quality and made to fit you! we all now make all melee style weapons and shields! Click and I hope to see you soon and make the armor you deserve!

Specialised in
*fine weaponary
*the finest of armor

Main contact is Klick for all orders which includes; sizing, pricing, customization options, and time frames for all orders. contact is CL1CK@spacemail.com

*Built the Baradata school of technologies located on Briga aka “New Alderaan” free of charge to help start a new generation of leaders and workers after the tragedy that occured.

J'Z' Defense

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