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Pazaak: An ancient card game dating back to the Old Republic where the goal was to reach 20 without going over. Both players have access to a draw deck of 4 cards that they can use to reach 20. More advanced draw deck cards are rare and expensive.

Sabacc: Using a 76 card deck, each player at a table (2+) must try to get a 23 or -23 without going over (Bombing-Out).

Dejarik: One of two games played on a holochess board. This game places eight creatures, a mix of mythical and real, and pits them against eachother. Each player can have their creature do any action it could logically do.

Courtier: The other game played on a holochess table. Courtier uses two sets of six pieces, each piece being mechanically identical. This game is similar to chess.

Lugjack: Slot machines.

Chance: While not a game, these cubes have 1-3 blue sides and 3-5 red sides depending on the die. The game is usually played to make decisions through chance.

Games and Entertainment

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