Darvro Light Freighter

Silhouette Speed Handling
4 4 0
Hull Threshold System Strain Armor
18 14 4?
6 - - 2

Silhouette: 4
Speed: 4
Handling: 0
Defense: 1/-/-/1
Armor: 2
Hull Trauma: 18
System Strain: 14
Vehicle Type/Model: Freighter/Darvro
Manufacturer: Gimmellian Shipworks
Hyperdrive: Primary: Class 1, Backup: Class 12
Navicomputer: Yes
Maximum Altitude: None
Range: Short
Crew: One pilot, one co-pilot, one gunner
Encumbrance Capacity: 120
Passenger Capacity: 4
Consumables: One month
Cost/Rarity: 250,000®/9
Customization Hard Points: 4
Weapons: 3: Forward-mounted medium laser cannon (Fire Arc Forward; Damage 6; Critical 3; Range [Close]).
Dorsal turret-mounted quad laser cannon (Fire Arc All; Damage 5; Critical 3; Range [Close]; Accurate 1, Linked 3).
Rear-mounted light tractor beam (Fire Arc Rear; Damage -; Critical – ; Range [Close]; Tractor 2).
Indexes: SoR:118


Gimmellian Stealth Device: Reduces the range band of enemy ships’ passive sensors by 1 (to a minimum of close range) for detecting the Darvro. In order to function, all power from shields and weapons must be channeled into the cloaking device. Rerouting power takes one action.
Electronic Countermeasures Suite: Blocks sensors within range when active, counting the Darvro’s silhouette as 3. Immediately notifies all ships in a star system, or within 100 kilometers if planetside, to the Darvro’s existence.

Along with the Tallanx fighter, the Darvro is a ship built on stealth and speed commonly used by the Ord Gimmel Defense Fleet. Named after a beast of burden found in the rural regions of Ord Gimmel, the Darvro is a highly effective smuggling vessel. Fitted with a cloaking device and equipped with numerous smuggling compartments and an ECM suite, the ship is designed to evade enemies rather than confront them directly.
Used by the Rebel Alliance to smuggle high-profile prisoners, passengers, and cargo through Imperial lines, the Darvro is also equipped with a powerful self-destruct mechanism so that its contents—whatever they may be—don’t fall into enemy hands.

Darvro Light Freighter

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