Astrographical information
Region: Unknown Regions
Sector: Chiss Space
System: Csilla system
Suns:1: Csilla
Orbital position: 2
Moons: 3
Grid coordinates: F-8
Trade routes: Path of the Houses, Vaagari Corridor
Rotation period: 25 standard hours
Orbital period: 462 local days
Physical information
Class: Terrestrial
Diameter: 11,080 km
Climate: Frigid
Primary terrain: Glaciers, Caves
Points of interest: Expeditionary Library, Societal information
Native species: Chiss
Primary language(s): Cheunh
Government: Oligarchy
Population: 8 billion
99% Chiss
1% other species
Major cities: Csaplar (capital)
Major imports: Foodstuffs, Luxury goods, Technology
Major exports: Information
Affiliation: Chiss Ascendancy (5000 BBY—)

“Csilla is… as it always is. Beautiful and frigid. Walking the iceways, one almost forgets the Ruling Family disputes, the House Paiiri collapse… Still, it belongs to us—not one Imperial starship has touched Csillan ground.” ―Aristocra Saganu

Csilla, the homeworld of the Chiss, was a cold world of glaciers and snowy wastes located deep within Chiss Space, and served as the capital of the Chiss Ascendancy.

Between 27,500 BBY and 27,000 BBY, Humans reached Csilla in sleeper ships and colonized the planet. Genetic analysis indicated that these Humans developed into the Chiss, who quickly developed a global government. The need to manage Csilla’s population and obtain resources without damaging their homeworld’s ecosystem motivated the Chiss space program, which may have benefited from memories of the original colonization effort.

ChissTEA.jpgThe planet entered an ice age in 5000 BBY. Glaciers covered the normally-warm equatorial regions of the planet, while solid ice locked the poles in perpetual winter. In order to survive, the Chiss built energy-efficient warrens beneath the ice, as close to the warmth of the inner planet as possible, with underground carriage travel routes to connect the various underground sections of Csilla. The iceways were bored through the bedrock of the planet, so that they were unaffected by the shifting ice found on the planet’s surface.

Locked in an ice age for millennia, Csilla forced many socioeconomic and technological changes upon the Chiss, but few physical changes. Contrary to beliefs in a link between the Chiss skin color and the Csillan temperature, scientists concluded that the Chiss’ blue skin was caused by a mineral found in the Csillan hydrosphere.

During the Great Galactic War, negotiators from the Chiss Ascendancy—the Chiss’ government—and diplomats of the Sith Empire met in a summit, which resulted in the Ascendancy offering resources, tax revenues, and armies to the Empire in return for its sovereignty; as part of the decision, no Imperials would enter Csilla without permission.

Csilla was inhabited by eight billion sentients. Chiss comprise 99% of the population.


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