Astronavigation Data:
Orbital Metrics: 341 days per year / 20 hours per day
Government: Local democracy with elected governor.
Population: 2 Million (50% Human, 35% Brigian, 15% other)
Languages: Basic
Terrain: Barren, Desert, Mountainous, Terraformed Jungle
Major Cities: Doria (capital), Tevvan
Areas of Interest: Ryckert Station, Tevvanian Sea (near Doria)
Major Exports: Rhodium, Agrinium
Major Imports: exotic species, raw materials
Trade Routes: Pakuuni Drift, Cronese Arc, Tion Trade Route
Special Conditions: Partially Terraformed (Jungle)
Grid Coordinates: T-6


Brigia is a terrestrial planet in the Tion Cluster populated by humans and the slender, purple-skinned brigians. The recently partially-terraformed planet has always been seen a mere pit stop to most travelers due to the planet’s poor economic influence when compared to other worlds in the system (i.e. Pakuuni). Until recently, the planet’s governors have refused external assistance to further develop the world.

Imperial Influence

However, once the Empire began expanding into the outer rim territories for resources and influence, the brigians had no choice but to accept outside help. The empire’s influence has allowed the planet to be terraformed; introducing large pockets of jungle terrain and creatures to the, otherwise, barren planet. This has led to an increase in offworlders visiting the planet for business-related ventures. The brigian capital and location of the Imperial Embassy, Doria, has had the most benefit from the imperial influence, receiving fully-equipped space ports, agricultural technology, power generators, a space elevator, and much more.

Despite this growth, many native brigians have not been fully taken with the empire. Some of the new creatures introduced in the terraforming have been known to regularly attack people. The most dangerous of these creatures are the Tusk Cat and the Grunda. The new terrain has also led to an increase in attacks from the native Rock Viper. This new indigenous threat has led to the construction of walls and gun emplacements on every major city on Brigia. The original brigian government has also been replaced by a series of supporters of the empire. The original governing body has been rumored to have gone into hiding and may be responsible for the anti-imperial presence emerging on the planet.

Places of Interest (Expanded)


  • Imperial Embassy
  • Spaceports
  • Brigian Security Center
  • Tyvark’s Cantina
  • Industrial District
  • Magnetic Railway
  • The Cistern
  • Mira’s Comedy Club
  • Valo’s Garage
  • The Flophouse
  • The Docks

Ryckert Station

The Jungle Plains

  • PC’s crashed escape pod
  • Sirra’s crashed escape pod
  • Krassk’s freighter wreckage
  • Run down AT-EST
  • Brigian (Imperial) Mines

Rebel Base of Operations

Near the poles of Brigia, a few hundred kilometers from Doria, the Rebel Alliance’s base of operations has remained hidden from the empire and the brigian government. After the Battle of Turkana, the empire aggressively expanded into the Tion Cluster to find the hidden base. After a few days of searching, they found it and destroyed it.


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