Bright Jewel Sector

The Bright Jewel of the Mid Rim

The Bright Jewel Sector resides on the mid rim just outside of Imperial Space. Having no direct trade route to the sector, this region has a minor Imperial influence. The most populous planet in the region is Ord Mantell, which resides in the aptly-named Bright Jewel System.

Notable Systems

  • Aleen
  • Anobis
  • Balnab
  • Bright Jewel
  • Dor Nameth
  • Jarnollen
  • Pattuna

Notable Stations

  • Tansari Refueling Depot
  • H-5 70 Mining Station
  • Station Gamma

Bright Jewel System

  1. Repta
  2. Ord Mantell
  3. Cairns
  4. Su Exposs
  5. Quatin
  6. Hota

Bright Jewel Sector

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