Battle of Turkana


tukana.png The Rebel Alliance was secretly massing a fleet above the planet Turkana. The fleet primarily consisted of several Mon Calamari Star Cruisers equipped with the previously stolen T-65 X-Wing prototypes. However, an imperial fleet consisting of ten Imperial-Class Star Destroyers were searching for the rebel presence in the system and were equipped with their new TIE/ln Interceptors.

The Aftermath

The Rebel fleet came out victorious after forcing the fleet to retreat after heavy losses. The rebellion also witnessed the capabilities of the new TIE fighter, and began research on a new craft. After the battle, the empire would soon retaliate under the banner of Operation Strike Fear. The purpose of this military campaign is to gain control of the Tion Cluster using force and destroying the rebel’s base of operations suspected to be there.


The effects of the military campaign can be felt throughout every major world of the Tion Cluster. The Empire won’t remove the blockade of a single planet until the secret rebel base has been discovered.

Battle of Turkana

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