Exploring the Outer Rim

The All Terrain Exploration and Survey Transport (AT-EST) was developed by Rothana Heavy Engineering during the Clone Wars to serve as a civilian transport capable of walking through harsh terrain. The walker resembles a scaled-down version of the Old Republic AT-TE with fewer armaments. The walker is equipped with several sophisticated computers and various sensors and is capable of traversing very harsh environments common in the outer rim. Its capabilities both make it a common sight as well as putting it in high demand due to its versatility in the unknown worlds of the outer rim and beyond. AT-TE_TCW.jpg

The Hardware

The AT-EST is large, slow, and lumbering. It boasts a sturdy hull as well as a decent amount of armor; useful for defending against the unknown threats that lurk on unexplored planets. The walker has an impressive sensor range, is manned by three personnel, and can carry up to eight people or 50 encumbrance worth of supplies. The walker also possesses a light blaster cannon for defense and is highly customizable to fit any crew’s needs.



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