Ord Mantell

Ord Mantell

Astronavigation Data: Mid Rim, Bright Jewel System, Bright Jewel Sector
Orbital Metrics: 394 days per year / 26 hours per day
Government: Republic with elected governor
Population: 4 Billion (varied)
Languages: Basic
Terrain: Mesas, Plains, Mountains, Volcanic Islands, Urban
Major Cities: Worlport (capital), Freelorin, Savroia, Great Rock
Areas of Interest: Ten Mile Plateau, Lady Fate Casino
Major Exports: Entertainment, Tourism, Manufactured Goods
Major Imports: Consumables, Raw Materials
Trade Routes: Celanon Spur, Entralla Routed (connects to Muunlist)
Special Conditions: none
Grid Coordinates: L-7


Imperial Influence


Worlport (capital)



Great Rock

Ord Mantell

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