Nar Shaddaa

The Smuggler’s Moon

Astronavigation Data: Mid Rim, Y’Toub System, Hutt Space
Orbital Metrics: 413 days per year / 87 hours per day
Government: Hutt Ruling Council
Population: 85 Billion (80% Various, 20% Human)
Languages: Huttese, Basic
Terrain: Urban
Major Cities: New Vertica, Old Duros Sector, Corellian Sector, Red Sector
Areas of Interest: Drunken Drummer, Meltdown Cafe, New Vertica, Kuzbar’s Cantina, Dark Melody, Headache Bar, Ko Hentota, Cluster Cantina, Orange Lady
Major Exports: Contraband, Technology, Weapons, Spice, Slaves
Major Imports: Contraband, Foodstuffs, Medicine Technology, Slaves
Trade Routes: Pabol Hutta, Shag Pabol, Ootmian Pabol
Special Conditions: Lawless, Unsafe Conditions (Upper and lower cities)
Grid Coordinates: S-12


Ubiquitously known as the Smuggler’s Moon, Nar Shaddaa, Nal Hutta’s largest moon, is a massive, smog-filled city scape and the center of commerce for Hutt Space. The urban areas of Nar Shaddaa are vertical cities that are comprised of layers upon layers of various buildings and districts. This led to the formation of several levels, known as the Undercity, that haven’t seen daylight in thousands of years.

At its core, the moon is a starport created by the Hutts to be a hub of commerce in the galaxy. While it once rivaled Coruscant in terms of commerce and trade, a supernova eliminated the moon’s hyperspace route to the core worlds of the Republic. When many of the legitimate businesses packed up and left, shadier businesses and criminal syndicates took their place. Rather than cracking down on the moon’s new criminal ties, the Hutt Ruling Council instead embraced them and decided to control and profit off them.

Imperial Influence

Like the majority of Hutt Space, Nar Shaddaa enjoys a relatively low amount of Imperial restrictions and rulings. Although there are a few Imperial embassies scattered about the moon, the majority of the Empire’s control in the Baxel sector comes from the TIE Fighter shipyards in orbit above the moon.

While the Empire generally doesn’t interfere in Hutt activities, a large fleet of starships overseen by Moff Sarn Shild was ordered to “crackdown” on criminal activity in the area. However, much to the embarrassment of Imperial officials, the fleet was defeated by a ragtag group of smugglers and pirates.

Sectors with the City

Social structure is easy to navigate on the smuggler moon, with every successive city built upon being better than the one below it. The highest spires host the most upscale housing complexes and casinos, while the underlevels conceal the most degenerate being (sentient or not) in the galaxy.

Corellian Sector

Meltdown Cafe

The Slag Pit

Orange Lady

Old Duros Sector

Red Light Sector

The Heartache Bistro

Cluster Cantina


The Valveworks

Dead Town


Lesser Areas

New Vertica

Ko Hentota

Nar Shaddaa

Fringes of Space YamDoge