Nal Hutta

Glorious Jewel

Astronavigation Data: Mid Rim, Y’Toub System, Hutt Space
Orbital Metrics: 413 days per year / 87 hours per day
Government: Hutt Ruling Council
Population: 7 Billion (43% Hutt, 28% Evocii, 15% Vippit, 14% other)
Languages: Huttese
Terrain: Forests, Swamps
Major Cities: Bilbousa (capital), Oedriga, Jiguuna
Areas of Interest: Hutt palaces, Nar Shaddaa
Major Exports: Tourism, Contraband
Major Imports: Consumables, luxury items, technology
Trade Routes: Pabol Hutta, Ootmian Pabol, Shag Pabol
Special Conditions: none
Grid Coordinates: S-12


Imperial Influence

Areas of Interest

Nal Hutta

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