Centares (Planet)


Astronavigation Data: Mid Rim, Maldrood Sector, Centares System
Orbital Metrics: 402 days per year / 22 hours per day
Government: Imperial Governor
Population: 1 Billion (85% Human, 15% Gotal/Sakiyan/other)
Languages: Basic
Terrain: Mountains, Plains, Urban
Major Cities: Muracie, Old Town
Areas of Interest: Rubyflame Lake, Museum of the Old Republic, The Aviary
Major Exports: Industrial Goods
Major Imports: Luxury Items, Foodstuffs
Trade Routes: Perlemian Trade Route
Special Conditions: Polluted Industrial world
Grid Coordinates: R-7


Centares is a planet in the Maldrood sector, notably close to the casino-resort space station, The Wheel. The planet has a temperate climate and no moons. The population billed itself as the last civilized world before entering the Outer Rim.

Imperial Influence

The planet was once known as the jewel of the Mid Rim. However, after the fall of the Republic, the Empire tightened its grip on the planet in an attempt to put more pressure on The Wheel. Within a decade, the Empire tapped into the planet’s lava beds and strip mined its prairies turning it into a polluted factory world.

Despite expending most of the planet’s natural resources, the Empire still holds its grip on the system with use of several outposts and embassies.

Areas of Interest


The capital city of Centares. This large, Corellian city boasts a moderately-sized spaceport, a large commerce district, and dozens of large-scale factories and warehouses. Despite the negative effects the Empire had on Centares’ ecosystem, Muracie still thrived as the planet’s sole exporter of industrial goods.

Muracie was also home to a Museum of the Old Republic which housed an aviary.

Rubyflame Lake

This lake, near Muracie, possessed a red glow as a result of an active lava flow beneath the lake. Suffering the worst of the Empire’s influence, the lake was so polluted that it could dissolve a creature’s skin in a matter of minutes.

Centares (Planet)

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