Venka Daraay

Professional hunter and dabbler of taxidermy.


The hunter is typically seen wearing a hefty suit of battle armor lazily hidden under normal clothing and a utility vest. He has brown hair, usually wears some hi-tech shades, wears a large hat, and appears to be in his fifties. He can almost always be found with his droid companion, F-12k, as well as various other hunters that he has been known to hire and equip himself.


The human Venka Daraay is a bounty hunter native to Concord Dawn, a temperate world in the Mandalore System. The planet itself was home to the distant mandalorians. Unfortunately, the Daraays have always had a grudge against the group, as they witnessed the mandalorian invasion of their planet several generations ago. This has led to a deep-seated hatred of Venka’s own culture. In spite of this, Venka has benefited from the war-like lifestyle encouraged by Concord Dawn’s inhabitants.

As soon as he was able, Venka left his home planet and the Mandalore sector. To pay off his newly acquired ship, he took several jobs for both the Black Sun and Imperial bounty hunting liaison. Due to his skills, he quickly paid off his ship and came across a small fortune as he was one of the few hunters that specialized in capturing exotic animals and other beast-like species such as the Wookie.

As his wealth would grow, Venka would use his skills to capture trophies for himself. It is said that he found an isolated planet out in wild space and puts various creature, sentient or otherwise, in a reservation in order to hunt to his heart’s content.

His latest target has become the silverback wookie. He has never heard of anyone surviving an encounter with the variant wookie and feels he needs to capture one and hunt it in his preserve. In his efforts, he has managed to capture the family of a known silverback wookie currently at large somewhere in the outer rim.

Venka Daraay

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