Vaneesh Chekka

The legman for the Tenloss Syndicate


Vaneesh Chekka is a rodian who grew up in the mid rim. Most of his early days were spent as a pickpocket and conman in the squalid districts of the planet Socorro. After being apprehended by law officials and tried in court for attempting to blackmail a planetary governor, Chekka was fined and jailed.

After fulfilling his jail time, Chekka wanted to turn his life around and try to work off his debt legally. He did this by getting work for the Tenloss Corportation, the only legitimate business in Socorro. About a year later, the management noticed Chekka and his criminal tendencies. While selling fake drugs to a coworker, management pulled him aside and invited him to work for the criminal organization portion of the business. He learned that the corporation was also heavily back by the Tenloss Syndicate to maximize profits.

Chekka quickly moved through the ranks. His natural talent as a thief and con-artist proved to be a great asset to Tenloss. Unfortunately, after a disparaging remark about one of his bosses, he was relocated to the Brigia system. He was told that he could only leave if he strengthened the syndicate’s hold on the system.

Since then, Chekka has worked tirelessly under a seemingly-incompetent superior to get off the planet. He has already expanded the legitimate business in the industrial zone of Doria. Now all he needs to do is get the Brigian government and Empire’s support. Unfortunately, the Empire hasn’t been receptive to his bribes. However, with the advent of the Brigian rebellion, he may be able to play both sides against each other.

Post Brigia

Following the Empire’s removal of the Brigian Blockade, Tenloss Corporation reassigned Chekka to The Wheel, a city-sized space station in the Besh Gorgon System. He is currently working to expand Tenloss Corporation’s influence in the Mid Rim starting with the Empire-free space station.

Vaneesh Chekka

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