a fucking space wizard in training


Vals’ti’gkrumlar joined the Chiss Expansionary Defense Force, and through his “abnormal” thoughts and actions of choosing to preemptive strike or build up a defense rather than the usual wait to see what came the situations, he always seemed to know which were bluffs and to be attacks. Along with unknown amount of insight on situations Stig was contacted by the House Phalanx and offered a way in via unusual methods. Since the chiss know very little about the rest of the galaxy, i am to bring back as much data possible and to present any and all dangers, potential allies and impending enemy forces knowledge gain to the House.
I am on a pending banishment from the ascendancy should i fail, for going out of the system like this was prohibited without a grant by the council, only success would ensure that House Phalanx held their end to have a pardon and papers proving I was on official business.
Who the person i report to and where he stands in the galaxy past that he is in a controversial house in the chis ascendancy is unknown.
So, going out on this mission, i had to do it all on my own to prove it, Having received the full CEDF training and getting some counterintelligence training to aid in collecting info, i secured a ship myself to leave the system with hopes around learning what i could to further my goals and pay off the debt for the ship to eventually return and earn rank to become recognized as part of their military chain of command, or to have become a ingrained into a organization to be a strong leadership figure of.
Upon the initial flight of this journey, I decided to go across the galaxy and work my way back around, making a few stops to hear about the galactic news and make a small amount shuttling, thus where I picked up Marcus at Alderaan when refueling, continuing on when a rouge squad of pirates disabled my hyperdrive and dealing heavy instructure damage, forcing me to fly to the near by station of Ryckert Station.

The crew has noticed small things seeming to float an inch or so seemingly around him, and minor tools/levers beings pulled when he is reaching for them.


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