Governor Mayj Tevv

The face of the Brigian uprising.


Mayj Tevv is a native Brigian who was directly involved in the politics of Brigia. Tevv has been in the running for Governor of Doria for the last twenty years. His campaign was always in favor of employing some form of outside help to get Brigia more involved in the intergalactic scene, after seeing the success of the orbital Ryckert Station. However, his ideas were very unpopular with his people, and was never elected.

When the Empire placed their embassy in the Brigian capital, Tevv adjusted his campaign to resisting imperial involvement and law. This new tactic was popular with the citizens placing Tevv in the position of Governor. Unfortunately, his newfound power was short-lived, as the Empire slowly replaced the governing body with their own officials.

Tevv, along with other native Brigians, formed a group of rebels with the intent to fight against the Imperial incursion. The recent blockade has only fueled this rebellion. Although Tevv acts as the leader, he doesn’t have a mind for directing a military coup. With select advisers, he gets the help he needs and acts as a charismatic face to lead the cause.

Governor Mayj Tevv

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