Moff Maxemillian Tempkin

Fleet commander sent to crush the Rebels,


Maxemillian Tempkin spent his early years in the comfort of the well-protected core worlds. As a child, Tempkin always admired the naval might of the Old Republic. This, in addition to his family’s naval history, led to him enlisting. He spent years the military, witnessing the fall of the Republic and the rise of the Empire.

After the establishment of the New Order, certain people within the military resisted and spoke out against the drastic changes. Tempkin, not even in command of his own vessel yet, remained stalwart in his loyalty. When he and his rebellious superiors were confronted, Tempkin betrayed them and assumed command of his own Star Destroyer.

Tempkin was key in the mapping of territories in unexplored space and helped spread the influence of the Empire. After the Battle of Turkana, Tempkin was put in charge of the fleet to find and destroy the hidden rebel base in the Tion Cluster. He currently spends his time managing the planetary duties of the planet Brigia in the wake of the Brigian uprising. He believes the native rebellion and the Alliance are linked and is willing to hire anyone to find out where they are hidden.

Moff Maxemillian Tempkin

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