Garo Desyk

The brains behind the Brigian uprising.


Garo Desyk has been an influential member of the Brigian governing body years before the fall of the Old Republic. He was originally placed as a trainer for the Brigian military due to his exemplary credentials from the Old Republic navy. It wasn’t long before he was unsatisfied with his role. He wanted to have more influence on the military decision-making process for the Brigian government.

After the former Commander in Chief (also known as the Battlemaster) surprisingly resigned his position, Desyk found it very easy to secure the title for himself. Garo would remain in position for several decades, garnering respect from politicians and citizens alike due to his progressive policies. Even during the fall of the republic and the creation of the New Order, he strove to maintain Brigia’s independence. In spite of this, the Empire placed an embassy in the capital city to enforce Imperial law.

Over the course of several years, the Empire placed people that supported their policies in the Brigian government and attempted to silence those who spoke out. Desyk eventually resigned and found several of the ostracized leaders to form an uprising against the imperials.

Desyk is currently the brains behind the Brigian rebels military effort and acts as a right-hand man to the Ex-governor and leader of the rebels, Mayj Tevv.

Garo Desyk

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