Fringes of Space

The Planet Brigia

A Forced Landing

Checkpoint Trouble

Nearly two weeks since the rumored Battle of Turkana, five galactic adventurers find themselves aboard the Ryckert Station checkpoint in orbit above Brigia, a planet in the Tion Cluster. The chiss and human Imperial-hired scout team found their way to the checkpoint after losing their ship in the far reaches of space. The trandoshan and wookie bounty hunter duo was passing through the checkpoint after visiting the planet’s surface. Finally, the droid was found by the maintenance crew after flying an old, junked ship as far as it would go.

After turning in their weapons and crossing the checkpoint gates (or in C-17’s case, being admitted to the maintenance crew), the adventurers went up to the Pakuuni-ran casino and cantina to pass the time. After spending two hours getting to know each other and gleaning information about the planet below and their destinations, power to the station was lost.

A Terrorist Attack

Shots being fired and security being shut down, the adventurers went down to the lower, checkpoint-deck to see the commotion. Upon arriving at the equipment lockers, the adventurers saw 6 armed assailants with an unknown insignia emblazoned on their clothing.

The battle was over mere moments after it began, resulting in the assailants’ defeat. Unfortunatlly, one of the survivor’s escaped and detonated a set of explosives in the station’s turbolift, cutting off everyone on board from their ship. After an unsuccessful attempt by Saladdik at chasing the already-dead assailant through the vacuum-sealed blastdoor, the adventurers had no choice but to use an escape pod to avoid being lost in space. Before entering the pod and leaving Ryckert Station for good, Marcus saw an Imperial Star Destroyer jump in and fire on all ships leaving the planet.

A Forced Landing

The adventurers successfully landed on the planet’s surface once they flawlessly avoided the burning wreckage of Krassk’s freighter. During their descent, they noticed that they were landing not too far from a large city surrounded by jungle. The appearance of the planet’s surface lived up to its reputation; the new jungle terrain only covered a about one hundred kilometers around the city with small pockets of barren, desert terrain sprinkled throughout.

Once the group recuperated from the crash, Saladdik kicked open the escape pod’s hatch, revealing that the group had landed on the edge of the jungle. It was fairly early in the day and Brigia’s red sun was just about to rise. After some light foraging and searching for various supplies, the group spotted a trail of smoke indicating a campfire. The group continued through the rough terrain, only to be greeted by a fairly large snake. After some questionable decision making, the group was ambushed by several group of indigenous Rock Vipers.

The adventurers dispatched the group with ease, sustaining minor wounds and damage to some of their weapons. In spite of this, the group rested to recover from the battle. Once fully rested, the group continued after the smoke plume to find an abandoned camp.

Walker Repair

The campground was comprised of several single-person tents, various bits of survival gear, what appeared to be a cave blocked by one large boulder, and a heavily damaged AT-EST hidden by vines and trees.The group promptly scavenged the campground, attempted to repair the walker, and clear the debris from the cave entrance. While Vals’ti’gkrumlar and C-17 worked on the walker, Saladdik and Krassk managed to move the boulder while Marcus scouted the area. Upon removing the boulder, it immediately started rolling toward every one of the adventurers despite their attempts to move it away.

Once they succesfully deflected the vengeful boulder, Krassk and Marcus inspected the cave only to find two civilians in hiding with ration packages and supplies strewn about the cave. The civilians, a human woman and an ithorian man, told them that they caved themselves in after an attack on their recently junked walker.

As soon as they informed the group about the indigenous Tusk Cats that attacked the rest of their crew, Marcus, Krassk, and Saladdik spot one of the cougar-like creatures creeping up on the two repairing the AT-EST. Seeing the creature, Saladdik ran up to the Tusk Cat and started hugging it. The cat let out a roar revealing three more of the creatures, one of which ambushing the lone C-17. After a long, painful battle, the adventurers arose victorious.

Boasting a fully operational (except weaponry) walker, two research team survivors, and several scavenged tusks from the feline predators, the adventurers boarded the walker and set course for the nearest city: Doria.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Whole Session: Marcus (Sponsorship)
  • Experience: 15 XP


i love the detail, but forgot who flawlessly piloted that trashcan of a ship. the wookie got props for breaking the seal on a blastdoor!

The Planet Brigia

“Inside the Circuits”
By C-17
Chapter 1 Part 2

I should’ve stayed on Raxus Prime. This is just the absolute Pits! Here I am sitting on this walker that “I” fixed with a rag-tag group of ne’er-do-wells who keep calling me “Robo-Man.” I just locked myself in the bathroom to jot down my thoughtson of this whole affair.

It all started on that Space Station. There I was just sitting there enjoying a fine brew when this hideous, smelly, slimy Trandoshan walks up to me and, without a word, just starts hissing at me!! Now, I was a little afraid of this giant Wookiee sitting next him, but I can’t a allow such behavior to go unpunished

The Planet Brigia

Marcus POV:

Journal Entry #1
We’ve just docked with at Ryckert station. No weapons allowed it seams, which is fine, better safe than sorry. While were here, it might be a good idea to look into finding some Mercenaries. If we can hire some muscle here instead of Pakuuni, we can just burn right past the outlaw haven and make for Drongar. Just saw a couple of candidates, A Trandoshan and a Wookie… together. That’s a super odd combination. Trandoshans are know to be Mercs and the Wookie… Its a fucking Wookie. They’re basically furry tanks. I wonder if this station has a scouting department? It’d be nice if we can get the Empire to fund hiring these two. I’m sure the Scouting departments are probably well respected out here on the rim. That is putting the cart before the horse, however. They look like they’re heading into a casino. Better catch up and chat these guys up.

Update 1:
A bit of an oddity. Some random guy just approached me out of the crowd. He seemed to know what I was doing here. He told me that Drongar isn’t where the empire says it is. Hmm, I think its best to forget he said that and never look into who he is.

Update 2:
Well that went badly. After chatting with the two merc looking dudes. And encountering a bit of an oddball droid. Things were looking like they might work out. When the station shook and suddenly lost power. We found out the disturbance came from the the lower check point. Which happens to be where we all were asked to store our equipment. So in the interest of securing our stuff we all went to investigate the disturbance. And we saw 6 armed assailants with unknown Insignia. We managed to retrieve our equipment without the men noticing us. With us still having the drop on them, we dispatched them quite quickly. Still though I’ve never had to shoot someone before. This is the first time I’ve been beyond the inner rim and I’ve already had to kill someone. Also for seemingly no reason The Wookie, who name is Saladdik, open a blast door that had closed to seal the vaccum. Thankfully we’re all fine, it did suck out the bodies of the bombers. It was pretty apparent that the station was going down. Their was no way that we could make it to our ships. We all piled into the one of the few remaining escape pods. On the way down I took a look out the windows and saw multiple ships fleeing the surface. Then a goddam STAR DESTROYER warped in and started firing on escaping ships. What did we just walk into?

Update 3:
Stig is once again showing that the Empire chose well with him. I was under the impression that you couldn’t actually fly a escape pod. But as we were going down, we nearly collided with what we, found out later was the Trandoshan’s, Krassk’s, ship. Stig managed to use the pods anti impact thrusters, to actually steer the craft and maneuver around the destroyed ship. On the way down we noticed that there was a city not to far from where we were going to land. We were just starting to gather ourselves when we were attacked by a several pits of rock vipers. Were all fine just minor cuts and bruises. Were taking a bit of a breather before we start to make our way through the jungle, time to put that Empirical Survival training to work.

Update 4
That may have been the strangest couple of hours of my life. We found a camp on our way to Doria. A few tents, some basic survival gear, what looks like a blocked off cave and most importantly a walker. As our droid companion, C-17, and Stig began to see if they could get it up and running, Krassk and Sal started to try to move the boulder blocking the cave. With all the noise we were making I thought it’d be a good idea to scout around and check for any wildlife. On my way back I saw the they had dislodged the boulder, and then as if guided by some unseen for force, the boulder began to roll toward Sal, then when he got out of the way it turned at krassk, then stig, the C-17, Then turned 90 degrees and came right at me. Krassk and I investigated the cave and found an ithorian man and a human woman.

Between all that commotion and fixing the walker a pack of tusk cats showed up. The first came out alone and Sal didn’t think it was dangerous so he picked it up and hugged it. Squeezing it hard enough to make it howl and lure out it s buddies. Those tusk cats are tough, were all still alive but they did a lot more damage than those vipers earlier. Had to close some decent wounds. Thankfully the escape pod had an emergency medkit on board. Well the C-17 got the walker working, and were on our way to Doria. With any luck that’ll be the last excitement for the day.

The Planet Brigia

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