Fringes of Space

Touchdown on Bonadan

The "Clipshow"

Bonadan’s Picket Line

Following their escape of the massive Reborn Silencer at the end of the Stygian Caldera, the fleet made its way into the Corporate Sector. The fleet was met with a massive fleet made up of a mishmash of corvettes and cruisers forming a “picket line” guarding CSA space. After landing on the yellow-tinted industrial planet of Bonadan, the crew was brought into a debreifing room on the planet’s largest spaceport, Bonadan Southeast II.

  • The city, like much of CSA space, was plastered with advertisements.
  • The crews from the surviving ships were taken to the office of the VicePrex
  • Every crew was questioned extensively about the setbacks of the flight, inlcuding:
    • The loss of the Rhen Var excavation crew
    • Captain Kevamu’s disappearance and/or death
    • The ambush at the beginning of the Stygian Caldera
    • Replacing command with Sirra Lightcaster and rallying the Stellar Drax’s crew
    • The capture of the Citadel-class freighter
    • Infiltrating one of the heavy corvettes waiting for them.
    • Managing the fleet’s resources.
    • Evading a Kossak-class frigate
    • Narrowly escaping a supermassive carrier/battleship

Negotiating Price

Afterwards, the crew negotiated their pay. Each crewmember individually talked up their performance over the last 2 months and were talked up by the surviving crew members. Most got a pay increase, but everyone in the crew got some leverage with the CSA that they could’ve used for anything.

  • Krassk used his to put the Crimson Aces on retainer should he ever need a fighter squadron.
    • The Stalwart Claymore will also lend itself once if the pay is good.
  • Sirra opted to use CSA assets to track Moff Tempkin for 6 months.
    • She knows the location of his Interdictor cruiser at all times.
    • It was last seen between the Tion Cluster and Sith Space
  • C-17 used his to scrub the transponder on the Citadel freighter and put it in his name.
    • He also got the location of Dr. Paula Small and was taken their with her creation, VEGA.
  • Marcus and Jak pooled their leverage to get a deal on a “brand new” wayfarer-class light freighter to replace the Gravy Train
    • The ship was named the Lightcaster 3000 and had no issues.

Carousing the Corporate Sector

After their negotiations, the crew spent some time in the industrial spaceport. The crew eventually reunited with a dejected Faarl and the awe-struck Jacek along with the 8 Dakot Tech graduates.

  • Krassk tried to buy some illegal cybernetics from a Hitian named Trell.
    • He was quickly taken in by CSA authorities who took him downtown and interrogated him.
    • He eventually “convinced” them that he didn’t know anything about illegal cybernetics.
    • He got off with the condition that he help the Bonadan Authority bust Trell and his supplier.
    • He learned that Trell was going to Ronadan after his release.
  • C-17 and Sirra traveled to Lythos XIV with VEGA to meet Dr. Small.
    • After descending a deep underground facility in the frozon wastes, he met the aging Dr.
    • she told him that he was made using the refined MELD, likely perfected by Dr. Muas himself.
    • She also said that the only people that have been known to make MELD are the late Dr. Thalus and the Cyborg Decibel.
    • She gave C-17 a MELD recombination unit to refine the material and make a stronger version.
    • She told him that she’d be on Lythos if he needed her.

New Jobs on the Horizon

Having finished the CSA job, the crew, several thousand credits richer, looked back at where they’ve been and considered what they needed to do next.

  • The Barin Do of Dorin wanted the Jedi Knight Thorin Ziil to be located
    • He had been investigating a disturbance in the force nearly a year earlier.
    • He was on the planet Ossus.
  • C-17 needed to enact his grand plan by using Taskarti and some repair droids.
    • He is preparing to send off the droids with an armed escort to a planet on the fringe.
  • Sirra wants to assassinate Moff Tempkin to free her brother Lucidon and assist the Alliance.
    • She knows that she needs to track and/or black mail him to strike him when vulnerable.
  • Marcus wants to find and exploit the force-suppression of Myrkr.
  • Kandria Grene has found 2 cells that need to be contacted: Dxun(onderon) and Edusa(Axxila).
  • Cleezo wants Krassk to infiltrate to most well-guarded facility in the empire, Star’s End.
    • He wants him to eliminate a “rat” that may divulge information.
    • He’s given the location of the prison (Mytus VII) and a general blueprint.
    • He also knows of a Drall slicer in CSA space named Dorvax(Shortstack)
  • Jacek still wants to unearth the treasures of Pybus within the Bootana Hutta.
  • Teemo is known to be on/near Cyax in the Bootana Hutta.
  • Decibel is wanted by C-17 and hasn’t been spotted since Ord Mantell.
  • Manny Pardo and (to a lesser extent) Vaneesh Chekka want to spread their influence on Brigia.
    • Pardo wants the expansion to the Baradis School of Tech constructed in New Doria.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Jak-Phi: Oath
  • Experience: 45


Marcus POV
Journal entry 42:
We made it. I can’t believe we made it. After all of that, we’ve touched down on Bonadan. The CSA is gathering everyone in to the offices of the VicePrex to be debriefed. We were all questioned with, what happened to the Rhen Var excavation crew and about what happened to Captain Kevamu. They also questioned what happened when we first entered the Stigian Caldera. We explained that the Captain was either dead or missing, so we had Sirra assume command of the Action 6 and the Fleet as a whole. As well as how we managed our hindered food supplies and finally the encounter with Desyk.

After giving us our agreed upon payment they took each of us aside and inquired about any particular above and beyond acts that were deserving of a bonus. I told them about how it was thanks to me that we even retrieved the artifact from the lava worm. Selflessly staying back to place the detonite charge that, coupled with Krassk’s rocket, killed the beast. I also discussed how when the reborn silencer threatened to kill us all. It was me who stayed aboard the Wayfarer and attempted to crash the ship into the Silencer. Hoping to ,at the very least, use it as a shield as we made our escape. (I left out the part about the assassin droid spy that was aboard The Gravy Train, who was feeding Fel information about our every move.) Interestingly they offered to pay this extra work in CSA leverage as opposed to credits. This will likely be more useful to my compatriots then myself. I highly doubt even the best CSA spy’s have a lead on either Fel or my Cousin. Regardless the most pressing matter now is getting a ship to replace the Wayfarer. So I asked if the CSA could get us some leverage on a replacement ship. I also negotiated a better deal for Krassk’s Y-wing, 10,000 credits. After hearing this he offered to do some custom work on the Model 38 for free. The work he was offering to do is extremely rare. Few modders will even offer the service.

Update 1:
Everything went better then expected. I may have been a little to harsh about my distrust of the CSA. As it turns out Jak also used his leverage toward a ship. After a little talk we decided that our best option was to get another Wayfarer. With the leverage Jak and I put forward they offered to sell us a brand new Wayfarer for 38,000 Credits. That is less then it would have been to fix the old Wayfarer. Learning from our last ship we decided to have Sirra be the registered owner this time, She elected to name it the “Lightcaster 3000 *sigh. I think its time to celebrate. We’ve reconvened with Jacek and Faarl as well as the Dakot tech students. We’re going to do some shopping before we plan on what our next goal is. We have a lot of options open to us. With the Wayfarer, the Y-wing, as well as C-17’s confiscated ship, now legally his thanks to the CSA. We have lots of options open us.

Touchdown on Bonadan

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