Fringes of Space

The Scraplands 2

Business is Boomin More

Mantellian Scavengers Requiem

Having spent the last 2 weeks healing their wounds, selling their gear, crafting new items, and maintaining their contacts, the PCs decided to venture out into the wastes once again to fulfill their obligation to Vaneesh Chekka and retrieving an object thought to be a large power source responsible for creating the large amounts of radiation found in the North scraplands.

  • Before leaving, the crew took care of a few things.
    • C-17 and Krassk both found a dealer for C-17’s addiction, stole his supply, and coerced the crowd into leaving.
    • Marcus knew somebody who could sell Muon Gold for much cheaper and got some in addition to supplies.
    • Stig thought of ways to either get to Eriadu or hire someone to scout it out.
    • Sirra remained in Nek’s apartment, possibly comatose.
    • Dreke recovered from his wounds and agreed to come along, putting off the bounty of Mikka for now.
  • The crew (except Sirra) rented a speed-modified Cargo Skiff from Morteos.
    • Krassk, C-17, Dreke, and Krassk’s vornskr, Gary, piled into the cargo skiff.
    • Marcus and Stig piloted the Rush troop transport that was previously stolen from the Car’das mercenaries.
  • The group ventured off toward the area Vaneesh marked on their map using the same route.
  • During the trip, the group ran into several different encounters.
    • Day 2: Crew saves 2 scavengers from some Pterosoars. Learns of nearby friendly haunt/slag (marked on the map).
    • Day 5: During watch, the crew notes an imperial shuttle with TIE escort (2) travel NE, then back South.
    • Day 6: Group notes 3 AT-ED scouts circling the radiation zone’s perimeter.
    • Day 7: Group arrives to destination. Notes the lack of radioactivity in the area.
  • During the travel, Krassk taught Gary some new tricks.

Laboratory in a Pit

As the group approached their destination, they noticed a football-field-sized clearing among the jagged hills of the scraplands nearby. Thinking this place may have something to do with Vaneesh’s info, the group landed and began scouting the area. The group parked the aerial transport West of the clearing (hidden visually and electronically) and the cargo skiff near the center (slightly SE) of the clearing.

  • The group looked for clues among the large clearing.
    • Krassk left Gary in the cargo skiff.
    • C-17 and Marcus found a panel next to a segment in the ground.
    • Krassk found and disabled a security camera watching the center of the field.
    • Stig and Dreke were busy parking and hiding their vehicles.
  • Marcus and C-17 eventually activated the panel, revealing a large, silo-esque door in the center of the field.
  • The door slowly opened, pouring in (more) garbage into the pit.
  • The crew examined the pit, noting its extreme depth and amount of loose garbage filling it.
  • Once a lit door was spotted 10 meters down, the crew descended into the chute to the door.
  • The door led into a small decontamination bay that extended into the highest section of the facility.
  • The crew began to explore the facility, while being on the look for what happened.

The facility, itself, appeared to have several dead bodies, broken B1 battle droids, and evidence of blaster fire and explosions. Every computer terminals was either destroyed or intentionally tampered with. Almost everything in the upper levels of the facility was stolen, while most of the files and gear in the lower levels were either taken or destroyed. In spite of all this, the hidden facility was still well lit and its cafeteria was still stocked and intact.

  • While searching, the crew split up to cover more ground. Level 1:
    • Krassk found a computer terminal and extracted its hard drive.
    • C-17 looted the droid control room.
    • Stig and Marcus searched the living quarters and discovered a defunct turbolift.
    • Dreke jetpacked down to a hidden door on the lower level.
  • Level 2:
    • Dreke blew open the containment door and found/fought 2 BX battle droids.
    • Marcus and Krassk descended into the next level, finding an intact kitchen/mess hall.
    • C-17 and Stig went up to find a hidden shack to the West above ground, near the aerial transport.
  • Once the group met up, Krassk cut open a hole in the floor of the turbolift to get to level 3.
    • The group found a looted armory.
    • Dreke jetpacked across the large gap to the East side of the facility.
    • The group descended to the fourth level by tumbling/rappelling down in the center pit area.
  • Now on the bottom level, the group wanted to enter in the next containment area.
    • To check, C-17 repulsor fisted one of the transparisteel panes lining the walls.
    • This revealed several BX battle droids.
    • The crew shot first, prompting several droids to flee
  • Krassk fired a rocket (he was carrying a missile tube the whole time) into the wall, destroying most of the droids.
  • The group climbed through the hole and got into a firefight involving several BX droids and 2 droideka.
  • Dreke got the map of the area and descended to level 4 aswell.
    • He arrived in a carbonite freezing chamber and encountered an IG-100 magnaguard.
    • He jetpacked down the hallway after damaging the droid and running out of ammo.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • C-17: Addiction
  • Experience: 12
    • C-17: +1



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