A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Fringes of Space

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the Galactic Empire in the TION CLUSTER.

In response, the Empire launched a swift invasion of the system in order to find the hidden rebel base. BRIGIA, a planet in this sector, is in the Empire’s path.

In an attempt to stay out of Imperial space, four adventurers find themselves aboard an orbital checkpoint above Brigia. Only together, can they escape alive and survive in the fringes of space….

The Crew

Player Character Species Career Spec Obligation Active?
Kelly Krassk Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Assassin Debt/Favor Yes
Devin C-17 Droid Technician Mechanic Addiction/Bounty Yes
Steve Stig’Val’Krumlar Chiss Smuggler Pilot Debt/Favor No (Betrayed by team)
Chad Saladdik Wookie Hired Gun Bodyguard Oath/Bounty No (Sold into Slavery)
Alex Marcus Gagarin Human Explorer Scout Sponsorship/Family Yes
Sarah Sirra Lightcaster Human Colonist Politico Dutybound/Family Yes
Matt Dreke Zabrak Bounty Hunter Survivalist Oath/Debt No
Steve Jak-Phi Niko Nikto Jedi: Guardian Armorer Frontier Justice/Disgraced Yes


The State of the Galaxy

The Empire

It’s been 18 years since the fall of the Old Republic. In that time, the newly-formed Galactic Empire has officially taken control of all the territory the Republic once had, made the Jedi order a distant memory, and established a military regime to protect it. Now that the Empire has total control over the Core worlds, Mid Rim, and some of the Outer Rim, they have begun to expand and explore Wild space and any unexplored sectors.

The Rebellion

In recent years, several parties have become disillusioned by the New Order leading to the creation of an organized, large-scale Alliance to Restore the Republic. Despite suffering many losses over the years, the Rebellion has finally procured enough strength to challenge the Empire.

Their first large victory was won above the skies of Turkana, a planet in the Tion Cluster.

After the Battle

Since one of their larger fleets retreated the battle, the Empire figured that there must be a larger Rebel presence somewhere in the Tion Cluster. In an effort to locate and destroy the hidden rebel base, the Empire instated Operation Strike Fear, an invasion of the Tion Cluster and a display of the might of the Imperial armada.

The invasion is swift. The speed of the operation has kept its identity a secret thus far, keeping the rumors of Imperial involvement from the rest of the sector.

Colonies on the Fringe Disappearing

Rumors of remote colonies disappearing on the far reaches of the Outer Rim have been spreading. Since the Imperial expeditions in wild space and the unknown regions, colonists have been taking advantage and settling the remote planets. Some of the investigations have found colonies and their structures missing with no signs of violence.

The Campaign

GM YamDoge is attempting to run this Edge of the Empire campaign as a character-driven sandbox. Once the crew gets a spaceship, they can travel to any known planet in the galaxy. In addition to the main plot and side stories, every character has a Secret Agenda.


The player’s agenda is a personal, long-term goal that the player is trying to accomplish. This can be any goal that would realistically take several steps to accomplish.

The idea is that it will take several GM-assigned missions to elevate the player to a position of relative power. Once the player has this position, they get to plan the final mission.

An example would be a player wanting to feed vital information to the Rebel Alliance (or vice-versa). The position of power would be attained by infiltrating the Imperial ranks as a double agent. It would take several missions, but once the upper Imperial officers trusted them, they could execute whatever plan they come up with.

Game Rules and Miscellaneous

The system that we’re running is Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars: Edge of the Empire RPG. When compared to the other FFG systems Age of Rebellion and Force and Destiny, we felt that this system had the most desirable setting.

However, we are also using the equipment, rules, and ideas from the other FFG core rulebooks, adventure modules, and EotE rule supplements/splat books.

In addition to the rules and equipment, wiki entries for the planets, sectors, factions, and characters can be found on the main wiki page:


Wiki Info Directory

List of Episodes

Ep # Title Type Date
0 The State of the Galaxy Introduction 10/4/2015
1 The Planet Brigia Brigia Arc 10/11/2015
2 Doria 10/25/2015
3 Tensions Rising 11/8/2015
4 The Brigian Rebellion 11/22/2015
5 First Contact Mandalore Arc 12/6/2015
6 MandalMotors 12/13/2015
7 Barton Fel - 12/20/2015
8 Wheeling and Dealing - 12/27/2015
9 Centares - 1/3/2016
10 Turkana Hunters - 1/10/2016
11 The Drongar Expedition Drongar Arc 1/17/2016
12 Sa Nalaor Survivors 1/31/2016
13 Sa Nalaor Survivors (part 2) 2/14/2016
14 Extracting the Bota 2/21/2016
15 Pawns of Pasmin - 2/28/2016
16 Betrayal at Anteevy - 3/6/2016
17 Kuat Drive Yards Prison Break Arc 3/13/2016
18 Kuat Drive Yards (part 2) 3/20/2016
19 Cruising the Hydian Way - 3/27/2016
20 Return to Ord Mantell Shipless on Ord Mantell Arc 4/3/2016
21 The Scraplands 4/10/2016
22 Irradiated Salvage 4/17/2016
23 Corporate Secrets 4/24/2016
24 The Scraplands 2 5/1/2016
25 The CSA Facility 5/8/2016
26 Inquisition Aftermath 5/15/2016
27 Black Sun Slavers 5/22/2016
28 Gold in a Sea of Scrap 5/29/2016
29 Decibel’s Transmission Tower 6/5/2016
30 Slumming it in Worlport 6/12/2016
31 Buying the Wayfarer 6/19/2016
32 Leaving Ord Mantell - 6/26/2016
33 “First” Flight - 7/3/2016
34 Karazak Slavers - 7/10/2016
35 Saleucami Raiders Sorority Subversion Arc 7/17/2016
36 Looting the Vault 7/24/2016
37 Starting the CSA Job The CSA Job Arc 7/31/2016
38 The Stygian Caldera 8/7/2016
39 Alone in the Void 8/21/2016
40 Turning the Tables 8/28/2016
41 The Home Stretch 9/4/2016
42 Touchdown on Bonadan - 9/11/2016
43 Three Way Split - 9/18/2016
44 The Slicer, the Scholar, and the Lost World Ziil’s Reprieve Arc 9/25/2016
45 Exploring Ossus 10/2/2016
46 Fleeing Fel’s Flagship 10/9/2016
47 The Myrkr Expedition - 10/16/2016
48 Hunter and Hunted - 10/23/2016
49 The Dead Road Bootana Hutta Adventures 10/30/2016
50 Rescuing Teemo 11/6/2016
51 A Hutt’s Tomb 11/13/2016
52 The Hidden Vault of Pybus 11/20/2016
53 Nar Shaddaa Nonsense - 11/27/2016
54 Varook’s Big Plan Brigian Gem Heist 12/4/2016
55 The Big Race 12/11/2016
56 The Gala 1/1/2017
57 Stealing the Gem 1/8/2017
58 Betrayed by Varook 1/15/2017
59 Pursuing Varook 1/22/2017
60 Buying another Ship - 1/29/2017
61 Black Sun New Management - 2/5/2017
62 Phrik Convoy Winterception 2/12/2017
63 Hunt on Vjun 2/19/2017
64 The Plague Planet - 2/26/2017
65 An Ungrateful Hutt - 3/5/2017
66 Decibel’s Folly - 3/12/2017
67 Brigia’s Only Hope Endgame 3/19/2017
68 Evacuation Amidst Chaos 3/26/2017
69 Aboard the Devastator 4/2/2017

Player Journal Entries

Post Game

Fringes of Space

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