The quiet honor bound wookie who will honor his life debt even if to a scum of the galaxy trandoshan. loyal honest and ground lover you can put your trust in him


Standing at 8’ tall Saladdik is massive even among wookies. honor bound and pridefuill he is a silverback a rare wookiee but one to respect or be beaten to death with your own arms or sliced in half with solitude his only friend his vibro-axe but if you chose to run you will be shot like bantha you are with Puncture


Saladdik son of Graanta, grew up on the planet of Kashyyyk kidnapped at the age of 14 by a Bothan bounty hunter by the name of Grit, forced to fight in arenas. after 100 battles Saladdik was freed by his new owner, alone on the planet Saladdik had few choices but to learn how to wield a blade or in his case a vibro-axe. in which he named solitude his first and only friend. with solitude at his side Saladdik was finally able to make a living escorting people through dangerous areas for pay.

after 20 years of this Saladdik finally had the money needed to get a escort back to Kashyyyk. after a bumpy ride and a crash landing Saladdik decided that air travel was not the safest manner to get oneself around and no longer trusts it (he’s scared shitless to fly) after nearly 25 years away Saladdik was finally home,

after finding his mother and father and baby brother. Saladdik was happy at last. happiness would not last for poor saladdik, for he was a fighter and that’s all he knew and solitude soon become thirsty for more battle,

therefore he was chosen to guard the shadowlands. with solitude in hand Saladdik did what he does best and that was protect. on Saladdiks 100th cycle (birthday) things would once again go poorly for him, while traveling with his brother Grapporin and Saladdiks betrothed Katykam they ran into a trandoshan bounty hunter, Saladdik was unable to kill the scum and was captured along with his brother and lover when the trandoshan allowed them free Saladdik owed him something sacred something that he would not turn back on something that left a bitter taste in his mouth.

A Life Debt, Saladdik would protect this scum, no matter what it would take and Saladdik feared something worse than air travel for the first time in his life….

he was afraid he would rip off the scums arms and beat him to death with them. Trees help him he will do his best to not kill this trandoshan scum named Krassk..


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