"You're not like them, C-17. You're special."


Class 4 – Sentient Security Engineer : : Modular Civil-Relations Droid / number 17

C4-SSE is a line of droids created primarily to assist and guard civilian engineers placed in dangerous environments. C-17 stands at exactly 6 feet tall weighing 280 pounds of solid Alusteel. He is original in both appearance and personality from his earlier and later brethren. He was apparently created with an incredible ability to think and act in a similar manner to humans.


“There is nothing “artificial” about your intelligence. You are capable of thoughts, hopes, original ideas. The only difference between you and me, C-17, is that your memories, your consciousness… you are forever. You’re eternal."
-Dr. Muas, three days before his death

C-17 was created in a hidden factory on the remote planet of Pasmin. His creators name was Dr. Elmund Muas. Dr. Muas had a strange affinity with creating the galaxies first truly sentient android. Muas began creating utility droids to help assist with repair and maintenance in hazardous conditions and made a fine living selling his C-16s and C-18s to civilians and even the Galactic Republic on occasion. What he was doing in reality, however, was attempting to create an A.I. capable of true emotion and thought. To do this, he spent years converting his own consciousness into modifiable data which he converted into a central behavioral matrix. After nearly 3 decades and just over 984 terabytes of data, C-17 was finally created.

Days after his creation, C-17 was first truly activated on Raxus Prime. Shortly after being activated, C-17’s first memory is looking up to see a large group of C-18s blowing Muas’s ship out of the sky. The C-18s commandeered the transport they arrived on and fled the planet shortly before an approaching acid storm, leaving C-17 behind to die. C-17 approached the wreckage of the ship to find a dying Dr. Muas who tells him “You’re not like them, C-17…You’re special.” Dr. Muas died moments later. Clueless and with no idea of what happened to his creator or who the strange droids were, C-17 began to salvage equipment and audio logs from Muas’s ship. As days turned to years and years turned to decades, C-17 was eventually able to salvage enough parts to repair an old YZ-900 civilian transport.

What will become of C-17 on his quest to find the truth of his creators assailants? How will he adjust into this strange new universe after 28 years in isolation? And most importantly, what comrades will he be able to find in the dark Fringes of Space?


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