Fringes of Space

Wheeling and Dealing

Live Cargo

Wheeling and Dealing

Following their defense of the shadowport on The Wheel, the PCs cleaned ejected their attackers’ remains out the airlock to clean the scene. Having two of The Wheel’s bounties alive, the group split up to traverse The Wheel’s outer ring once more.

  • Krassk and C-17 took the Twi’lek and Sullastan bounties to House Tresario Guild Hall.
    • Krassk successfully turned in the two receiving lowered payment due to their condition.
    • Krassk was called out by several hunters including three members of the Rodian-exclusive Yavik Clan.
  • Sirra stole Marcus’ weapon and sold it in the Mid Ring out of spite.
    • After selling his weapon for scrap metal, Sirra was tracked and apprehended by two Yavik Rodians.
    • After calling for help, one Rodian was killed and the other was delivered to Wheel security by C-17 and Krassk.
  • Stig met with Vaneesh Chekka, Tendo Habat, and Lufta Kene once again.
    • Kene and Habat tell Stig about several passengers in need of safe passage to several different planets..
    • The planets included: Ord Mantell, Ansion, Raxus, and Centares (Planet).
    • Kene and Habat also needed passage to Mon Calamari and Ithor respectively
    • Among them was one person willing to pay 10,000 cr to get to Dorin.

Hutts and Hunters

Before leaving The Wheel, the group scouted the outer ring for the Yavik clan’s ship, The Nightflyer. After deciding not to ambush the clan and steal the well-defended ship, the group decided to leave the station to go to the nearby planet Centares. Before leaving, the group:

  • Krassk, C-17, and Sirra went to meet Teemo the Hutt, Krassk’s Black Suncontact.
    • After some negotiating, the Hutt gave Krassk a smuggling job to haul illegal cargo to Nar Shaddaa.
  • Stig took PD’s remains and had a tech shopkeeper replace his body.
  • Their Aqualish shadowport owner informed the crew that he was to drive up the price due to the recent violence and his capture by the Yavik clan.
  • The group heard of a Black Sun leader in need of help to secure their business and influence on The Wheel.

As the group finally decided to leave The Wheel, they met their Brigian acquaintance, Venka Daraay in their hangar bay. Surprised, the group demanded their money for Saladdik despite not having their collateral and destroying Daraay’s home planet, Concord Dawn. Angered by their actions, he informed the group that his newly-unrestrained assassin droid, F-12K, was most likely hunting them down and that if the droid didn’t kill the PCs, he would.

Centares Pit Stop

After loading up their passengers in the refitted cargo bay and picking up Teemo’s cargo, the group left The Wheel for the nearby planet, Centares. The group had three things to do while on the planet:

  • Krassk needed to find and kill Krad, a Trandoshan Bennelex hunter.
  • Find and turn in a local Quarren crime lord.
  • Drop off two of the passengers due for Centares.

As the group landed, the group split up.

  • Stig left to buy some needed ship upgrades and possibly disguise their ship’s transponder.
    • Stig learned of an Imperial outpost (one of many) that was harassing the upgrade dealer. If Stig wiped their archives, he would get a discount.
  • Stig also learned that Val Corden put out a bounty for him (20,000 cr).
  • Krassk and C-17 scouted the Quarren crime lord’s base of operations.
    • Krassk learned that Krad was in another city and was getting ready to leave.
  • Sirra left an encrypted message to Colin Ferrel to meet her on Nar Shaddaa.

The group was convinced by Stig to infiltrate the Imperial base and distract while Stig wiped the archive. Afterwards, the group met to attack the Quarren at his “palace.” Following a lengthy fight, the group accidentally kills the crime lord leaving them with a bounty that is, at best, worth 1/4 the original price.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Stig: Favor
  • Experience: 10



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