Fringes of Space

Turning the Tables

Visions of Temptation

A Fleet Mismanaged

Several days after their victory at the entrance of the Stygian Caldera and Sirra taking command of the corporate-sponsored fleet, the crew continued through the “unexplored” sector of space. With the closely guarded, man-sized vault in the cargo bay of the Stellar Drax, crew morale waning, and food stores dwindling, the fleet pressed on through the center “route” of the sector hoping to evade further hostile encounters.

  • The crew’s morale was faltering:
    • FSMR leader (Tallon) wanted to drop the mission and accept failure.
    • Fujari leader (Lurzz) sympathized with the enemies’ tact and determination.
    • Car’Das leader (Voss) just wanted to get paid.
    • The Crimson Aces and Stalwart Claymore (Tyrus, Moza) wanted to press on.
    • Twilight Marauder and Francesca’s Fortune (Knack, Asteer) hesitantly followed orders.
  • During this leg of the trip (entire session), the group went from 10 supply to 5 supply.

Whispers of the Sith

A major source of the morale loss was the constant whispers thought to be originating from the “package” under the crew’s protection.

  • Sirra dealt with many of the crew’s insubordination
    • Voss didn’t trust a Fujari Gand pirate.
    • The crew wanted to open the package to know what they were dealing with.
    • The crew began speculating Sirra’s (and the Gravy Train) for aiding the enemy.
    • The whispers caused any current guard to evade their duties when guarding the package.
    • The mystery of captain Kevamu’s disappearance was still unsolved.
  • C-17, Krassk, and Marcus went scouting for food and useful map data.
  • The planet was a swamp land with an asteroid belt in system.
    • C-17, Krassk, and Jonesey scouted the asteroids and found an archiological site being eaten away by mynocks.
    • Marcus found nothing that could feed the entire crew for a day and mined ice from the asteroid field instead.
    • They came out with some astrogation data and 2 food supply for the crew.

Through a Nightmare, Darkly

During one of the jumps, all of the organic crew members (not C-17, B4-D4, or VEGA) went comatose for the duration of the trip. Each crew member (including NPCs) experienced a dark vision tempting them with a solution to their greatest fear. This vision manifested in several ways, but each offer of power was provided by a disembodied, rotting, dried-out, white, cracked hand/forearm offering whatever they needed to overcome it.

  • Marcus experienced his family members being held by Aron Horne.
    • The hand suppressed Aron’s force ability.
  • Sirra experienced her brother being held at gunpoint by Moff Tempkin.
    • The hand offered the ability to mind trick his guards into disarming the Moff.
  • Jak-Phi experienced a lightsaber-wielding shadow challenging him while disarmed.
    • The hand offered not only lightsaber training, but full guidance as he was the only real force sensitive.
  • Krassk experienced Kandria Grene taking over his operation under his nose with her experienced queen’s guard.
    • The hand offered a way to keep his allies and minions in check.
  • The entity claimed that these abilities would “unlock” of they freed it from its prison (the package)
  • Of all the PCs, the only one who agreed to free the entity was Krassk.

During the jump, VEGA contacted C-17 asking if he was also experiencing the anomaly. VEGA informed him that all the droid members were the only ones not in a comatose state. However, VEGA also informed C-17 that he was beginning to hear the strange whispers that the crew has been experiencing and that the other droids haven’t. This meant that both C-17 and VEGA could hear the whispers.

Meeting the Brass

After exiting hyperspace and dealing with the aftermath of the comatose hyperspace nightmare, the crew continued through sith space and took the rightmost route (Kamat Krote). While waiting for VEGA to finish the hyperspace calculations for the fleet, Krassk and C-17 decided to jump ahead to scout the area. As they concluded their jump, the two ships found themselves staring at two Marauder-class cruisers.

  • The two attempted to fly casual, but only Krassk made it out of their scanner range in time.
  • The ships hailed C-17’s ship requesting that he dock for “debriefing”
  • Both C-17 and Krassk board the ship under the pretense of C-17 being Krassk’s personal droid
  • Both went into a debriefing conference room with the captain of the ship and his two guards.
    • The guards and most of the crew appeared to be the same as the boarders that ambushed them nearly 10 days earlier.
  • Upon seeing C-17, the captain adopted a subordinate’s demeanor
    • He referred to him as sir and regarded him as a specialist from “higher up”
  • The captain asked them what happened, referencing the 5 Citadel-freighter ambush guarded by Stig’s squadron.
    • C-17 told the captain that it didn’t go well.
    • Krassk told them that he was a bounty hunter that the “crew” picked up earlier.
  • During the debriefing, it was obvious that the captain didn’t buy Krassk’s story.
  • Seeing this, C-17 slid the captain a note.
    • It said that Krassk was “one of them” and was holding C-17 hostage.
    • Beleiving this, the captain had his guards apprehend Krassk and bring him to the brig for interrogation.
    • When asked how he was captured, C-17 remained vague, saying something about returning to “command”
  • While on the ship, C-17 “reviewed” the general battle plan.
    • He saw that there were two fleets patrolling the connected left and center routes.
    • The small fighter squadron harassing the fleet near the center informed the main fleet where they were going.
    • The larger force consisted of 2 marauder cruisers on the right route (this fleet)
    • The smaller force consisted of 1 marauder and 1 skipray blastboat.
    • There was an “ace-in-the-hole” waiting for the fleet at their destination near the end of the caldera.
  • C-17 told the officer that the fleet changed course and was heading the other way.
    • Buying the lie, the captain swapped the patrol boat for his marauder, weakening the fleet.
  • Eager to please his commanders, the captain ushered C-17 back to his ship to return to command.
  • C-17 returned to his ship, leaving Krassk in the interrogation room.
  • Krassk resisted all the tranquilizers and interrogation attempts.
    • While the captain was away, dealing with C-17, Krassk “dealt” with his interrogation droid.
    • He scavenged some quick gear and began to look for his confiscated weapons.

Weakened Marauders

While in hyperspace, the crew was informed about Krassk and C-17’s actions. Knowing full well that they were going to have the drop on the weakened fleet, Sirra rallied the troops while also informing them not to fire on C-17’s Citadel-class freighter or destroy the Marauder cruiser before extracting Krassk. Just as the ships entered the system, C-17 pulled a fast manuever, decoupling his ship from the marauder’s docking port and ejecting the captain and some of the ship’s crew into space, leaving them without an acting leader.

  • Sirra directed the forces to handle the patrol boat while the Claymore deals with the cruiser.
    • The patrol boat was destroyed nearly instantly while the Claymore and Marauder traded blows.
  • Krassk commandeered one of the cruiser’s turbolaser turrets
    • Once the patrol boat was destroyed, he left the turret to find his gear.
    • He found it in a equipment locker and descended down into the hangar bay.
  • Jak, aboard the Twilight Marauder attempted to board the ship from the ventral hangar.
    • He made it in just in time to meet up with Krassk boarding the Vorn
    • Before leaving, he hacked the navigation computers remotely.
    • He uncovered the astrogation data for 2 parsecs and found a hidden route used by the enemy fleet.
    • He also found that the ship had sent an encoded transmission to the larger fleet

The encounter ended with the enemy fleet being overpowered and destroyed while the Stalwart Claymore took a substantial amount of damage. As the burning wreckage of the large cruiser descended down to the icy planet, the crew quickly boarded the aft section and scavenged some of their supplies. As they got their new supplies, the rest of the fleet remained in orbit to perform some quick repairs to the fleet, knowing that the other fleet was on their tail.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • C-17: Addiction
  • Experience: 8


Marcus POV
Journal entry 39:
Well, not much to report today, we’re just going from jump to jump. Were all trying keep calm and gather what we can from the varies planets and asteroids in the Nebula. On my latest venture, I didn’t have any luck finding food, I did however find an asteroid that was 94% drinkable water. I used the on-board tractor beam to pull it on board, and am doing what I can to melt it down and filer it. The hardest part of all of this is the voices. Whatever our package is, its reaching out to us. All of us. Whispers in the back of your mind. Whatever it is, its something force related, and not the benevolent kind either.

Update 1
What the hell. Forget what I said earlier, whatever that thing were delivering is, its pure evil. The whole crew were knocked out and tempted by some ominous voice. ( I saw my family subdued. Aron Horne with his lightsaber at my mothers throat. A voice telling me I couldn’t save them as I am now. The voice offering me the power to do so. A grotesque rotted and decayed hand, reached forward and brought Aron to his knees. With the “dark Side” of the force as my weapon I could defeat him it claimed, that the force may be strong in my family. I asserted that I have no such power. I felt the touch of the force once with the Bota, I felt its corruption, if that is the power he offers I don’t want anything to do with it. Besides, I’m not force sensitive. I don’t have the gift. In that moment I found my resolve, that I don’t need the force to stop my cousin. The force is a crutch I will not lean on. Then I woke up.

Since then there’s been chaos amongst the crews. We all saw our own vision, tempted in some way or another. Sirra did what she could to focus the crews on the mission. Everyone’s calmed down, for now. Krassk and C-17 are going to scout our next jump. This whole mission just feels wrong.

Update 2
We just got word from Krassk. From what I understand him and C-17 got captured buy another wave of that mysterious fleet. And for some reason they differed command to C-17, saying he was in command of this operation?! It sound like the two of them are causing some ruckus aboard the enemy ship. After managing to convince one the cruiser to jump away leaving only one and a blast boat. Gonna be fun when we get out of hyper space in a few minutes. also Farral approached me and said he was nervous that we may have a mole on board. the enemy has been able to follow to closely for it to be anything else. I relayed it to VEGA. It has to be on one of the other ships. The only person on our ship it could be is Jassic and that lazy bum has been in our hot tub for literally the entire mission.

Update 3
That was absolutely ridiculous. When we got there C-17 had just torn an enemy freighter from the marauders docking ring, and I guess sucking the enemy captain to a cold and silent death. Krassk was still on board causing mayhem, commandeering turbo lasers and firing on the enemy from within. We on the gravy train focused down the blast boat, while the claymore killed the Marauder Class.

Jak meanwhile had some crazy idea. He went out with the Trandoshan’s to board the main enemy cruiser. While he was onboard he stole a bit of Information and found the enemy ships food supply. And while it was crumbling and blowing itself apart, we organized a flash raid to steal enemy supplies while it was being burned up in the nearest planets atmosphere. The craziest thing was, it worked.

Turning the Tables

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