Fringes of Space

Turkana Hunters

Voyage to Drongar

Scouring the Outpost

The PCs continued to explore the lone Imperial base on the planet Turkana at the behest of the Rebel Alliance. While scouting the base, the group noticed a distinctive lack of Imperial troopers or officers. Indeed, the group would soon discover that the base has already been cleaned out by a familiar set of rivals.

  • The group ascended to the ground floor from the basement (a ruined office complex).
    • Stig and Marcus search through various files in the base.
    • C-17 hacks the computer to find his droid factory on the nearby planet, Pasmin.
    • Krassk, Sirra, and Dreke do some light searching through some nearby lockers.
  • The group gets taunted by a robotic voice from the top floor.
  • Group ascends to find several droids and a Gank leader (looks similar to the one on Brigia).
  • PCs defeat most of the droids and the leader. Ship flies away with remaining troops and attempts to destroy the building.
  • Krassk finds a missile tube and cripples the gunship.
  • Group finds a moldy, mohagany table and loads it onto the ship with the intent to restore it.

Quickly surveying Drongar

Once the PCs eliminated the threat at the old base, the Rebels soon arrived and compensated the group and informed Sirra that her contact, Colin Ferrel is on his way to Nar Shaddaa. Before leaving to deliver Teemo the Hutt’s spice, the group decided to quickly survey Drongar.

  • PCs traveled to the nearby Drongar system.
  • Planet is not in the orbital path that the Empire said it would be.
    • Marcus also urges the group to check coordinates that he got from someone on Ryckert Station.
    • Group studies nearby star to find a third possible location.
    • Group finds evidence of another ship in the system (on further inspection: a YT-2400).
  • Group checks the nebula on the way to third location. Finds Drongar.
  • PCs fly ship around planet to study it.
    • Learn about typical Bota environment, planet location, terrain type, etc.
    • Marcus sends info to Empire to get an extension and get the creditors off his back.

Delivering Teemo’s supply

Once Marcus collected sufficient information about Drongar for the time being, the group traveled to Nar Shaddaa to deliver Teemo’s spice. Krassk, at the recommendation from Kandria Grene, planned on running the delivery as Krad, the Benelex traitor. Along the way, Sirra and C-17 messaged Colin Ferrel and Felik (F3-1K). They both planned on meeting their respective contacts in the Cluster Cantina in the Red Light Sector on Nar Shaddaa. Marcus also received an extension on his sponsorship for 3 weeks (just enough time to go to Nar Shaddaa and back!).

  • PCs travel to Nar Shaddaa along longer, hidden route.
  • Stig lands on one of the many available ports in the Red Light Sector.
  • Group splits up:
    • Krassk and Marcus rent a repulsor craft to haul the spice.
    • C-17, Sirra, and Dreke all go to the Cluster Cantina, a rebel haven, to meet Colin Ferrel and Felik.
    • Stig sells the droid salvage from Turkana.
  • Group meets up at a hidden lift that can take them down to the Old Duros Sector.
    • C-17, Sirra, and a junkie bartender attempt to buy some Muon Gold. Deal almost goes wrong but C-17 gets his drugs.
    • Dreke, Stig, and Krad (Krassk) push the repulsor craft down the dark, filthy streets.
  • Group is about to make a delivery when several Nikto thugs come out.
  • Thugs, severely outnumbering them, demand drugs. The leader, Lankin, offers to buy some of them.
  • Krassk complies. Delivers remaining spice to Duros contact.
  • Duros is furious. Slightly reduces pay. Offers opportunity for eventual meetup with Clezo anyway.

Krassk wants revenge. Krassk proceeds to brood.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Marcus: Family
  • Experience: 20



Turkana Hunters

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