Fringes of Space

Three Way Split

Investigations, Brigians, and a Dance Off

Split on Bonadan

The crew, now flush with money and new gear, has several different goals. They’ve all decided that the best way to pursue these goals is to split up three ways across the galaxy.

  • Krassk is going to Edusa to establish contact with the Veiled Sorority cell.
  • Krassk needs to find the slicer, Dorvax.
    • Marcus and Sirra have volunteered to travel to Brosin and find the connection
  • C-17 and Jak-Phi are going to revisit Brigia in the Tion Cluster.
    • C-17 wants to construct droids for Taskarti’s use to rebuild C-17’s ship.
    • Jak-Phi volunteered to deliver the supplies and “teacher” for Tenloss’ front school.

Cell Seeking

Krassk,along with Gary and ST-1G in the Vorn, traveled to the low-tech industrial world of Edusa. After landing there and going to the specific coordinates that Kandria gave, he found an abandoned factory hiding an equally-abandoned Sorority safe house and a medical droid G-1B. The droid told Krassk that the previous leader, Vera, had left nearly 10 years ago to Axxila.

  • Krassk went to Axxila, leaving G-1B on Edusa for now.
  • The planet Axxila is best described as inside-out Coruscant
    • The ecumenopolis has a surface level city in addition to another city covering the planet like a shell.
  • Lost in the busy, dirty, scum-filled streets, Krassk went to a seedy nightclub to look into Vera’s whereabouts.
    • After speaking to an influential Arcona, he found that she runs The Aurora in the red light district.
  • Via magrail, Krassk went to the Aurora and was immediately goaded into a dance off with a Twi’lek named Dorne.
    • Dorne performed several moves that were met with a tepid response.
    • However, Krassk solidified his reputation as the world’s most charming trandoshan.
    • The crowd’s response to Krassk’s moves were met with wild appraise.
  • By humiliating Dorne in the dance off, Krassk got the attention of the club owner, Vera.
  • The two went up to her office and discussed the Sorority’s resurgence and her part in it.
  • Afterwards, Vera said that she would lend her and her expanded crew when a base or fleet is formed.

Brosin Underground

Knowing that the Drall slicer Dorvax (AKA Shortstack) was collaborating with the CSA’s underworld factions, Marcus and Sirra opted to travel to the jungle world of Brosin, hoping that the underground terrorist group fighting back against the CSA is affiliated with the slicer.

  • The duo asked around an found that there was a recent bombing at a corporate factory near the edge of town.
  • The damaged factory was being cleared of debris and rubble under CSA guard.
    • Under disguise, Marcus went into the building and found the source of the bombing in the back.
    • Camera footage revealed that a package was delivered to the back of the building
    • The package exploded after it was set on the ground.
    • The delivery truck was from a nearby shipping company.
  • The two investigated the company, finding that the cred drones were oblivious to the attack.
  • They overheard a guard talking about “not letting an infiltration happening again”
  • The two went around back and found some cred drones on break.
    • They said that one of the new guys hasn’t shown up for work for a few days.
    • They gave his name (Rob Alto), allowing them to look up where he lived (nearby apartments).
  • They investigated his home, finding a hidden cache with several items.
    • It had a microdata pocket attache
    • It also contained a small package wrapped in brown bag paper.
    • They only took the datapad
  • Once they reunited with the crew, they would slice into the pad with Krassk’s data breaker.
    • The datapad holds a conversation between the known resistance leader (Brie Chanal) and Rob.
    • It mentions that Ploovo Two-For-One brokered the baradium charge and kept it discreet using Dorvax
    • It also mentioned that the package was delivered to Dorvax’s resident planet of D’ian.

Return to Brigia

With their Citadel-class freighter stocked up on supplies and students to build the new front company Baradis Tech, both C-17 and Jak traveled to the growing Brigia to setup the school and build some combat/repair droids on the way.

The planet of Brigia has changed greatly. Under the new Trayus Corp, the growing soon-to-be-ecumenopolis city of New Doria has attracted Imperials, destitute workers, and people wanting to escape the horrors of the galactic civil war. Having signed a deal with the Empire to keep the Rebel Alliance off the planet and away from the Tion Cluster, the planet has been able to grow and flourish without the influence of the oppressive empire.

While New Doria doesn’t span the entire planet, this major city is built along the coastline right next to the old capital of Doria. This city has the same amount of weapon scanners and laws than the CSA while also providing hidden detection in the form of defense turrets and friendly Trayus corp guards. The city manages to provide everyone with service and construction jobs with no need for harsh mining, factory work, or production work. Mayj Tevv is the current planetary governor.

  • Jak-Phi and his Dakot Tech students set up the front in the city “center”
    • This takes a few days. Jak creates uniforms with the Baradis logo emblazoned on them.
  • C-17 contacts Taskarti and fills him in on the plan.
    • He offers his ship and his newly-constructed droids to guard and repair his claim.
    • Taskarti, his ship, his droids, 13 repair drones, 5 security droids, Jonesy, and C-17’s ship depart to the unknown.
  • The two remain on the planet until the others arrive.
    • They went to a sports bar and spoke to some Brigians.
  • By the end, the group reconvened on Brigia to decide their next move.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • none
  • Experience: 5


Marcus POV:
Journal Entry #43

After waiting a few day for Krassk to get out jail, (someone was shit talking his Sitcom). We needed to decide what our next move was. I personally would like to get to Mrykr, and investigate the force suppressing presence there. That being said, we do have more pressing matters. We’ve side lined the job Cleezo told Krassk to do for a number of weeks now. He needs to break into Stars End, which is supposedly a super high security CSA prison. (why not, sadly its probably not the craziest thing we’ve done this week.) While Krassk was on the inside he got the name of a hacker who supposedly knows of a weakness in the facility.

Krassk himself has another pressing matter that he has to attend to. So Sirra and I agreed to go to Brosin, It seams there has been some terrorist presence there (I swear every planet we visit has some kind of rebellion going on), the Hacker has been helping these rebels against their CSA overseers. While Krassk does his job, Sirra and I on our way.

While we were waiting for Krassk to get out of the clink, C17 went to visit one of the locals, since then he’s been spending a lot of time on his own. I wonder what he’s been up to? Regardless though he and Jak have some things to do on Brigia. I asked Jak to keep me informed on what’s going on with “New Alderaan”.

Update 1
Our investigation on Brosin is underway. Needing a reason for us being here we started by claiming that we were going to be taking a cargo job, before leaving, back into Empire controlled space. Hoping we can appeal to the savvy business types by cutting out then middle man and going straight to the destination. That didn’t go so well, but thankfully Sirra could talk a Wampa out of a meal if she wanted to and got us cleared.

Making our lie into the truth I quickly setup a cargo transport to Brigia. We all agreed to meet there after fining our tasks. After a little probing we discovered a recent bombing at a local factory. Sirra continued to ask around the more civilian sectors. I managed to snag a clean up crew uniform and after a little sleuthing and camera tinkering, we discovered that the bomb was delivered via local moving company. Were on our way there now. (hey didn’t run into a COMPNOR agent this time, already better then the last time I did any investigating)

Update 2
After approaching the cred drones under the guise of transporting my deal to the Lightcaster. The counter jockey has been drinking the CSA blue milk if you know what I mean, and was completely oblivious to the bombing. After chatting with him, Sirra excused herself and went around the back of the building. After a minute or two she came back with a name. Rob Alto, Supposedly this guy hasn’t shown up for work since the bombing had occurred. And after a quick look through the local registry we got his address. An apartment complex in the civilian quarter. Am I the detective or the butler in our duo?

Update 3
That was weird, After slipping in and investigating Mr. Alto place. We found that the place hasn’t been lived in for a while. We did notice a few floor boards that had been disturbed recently. Checking that out it we found his stash. What looks like a heavily encrypted data pad and a small brown package. We both could safely assume what that package was. Deciding it’d probably be best if we left that alone and swiped the datapad. We wanted to try and talk to this Rob guy ourselves, so we left a note telling him to meet us at a near by park, and that’s where we are now, casually waiting to see if Mr. Alto shows.

Update 4
Back aboard the Wayfarer, Alto never showed, We waited for two days, and he either never got the message or found it and skipped town. Either way after those two days Krassk contacted us saying he was back in the system. After boarding the system he used his code breaker to break the encryption on the datapad and gave our hacker’s, a Drall named Dorvax’s, location. Were regrouping on Brigia to plan our next move and deliver these goods.

Three Way Split

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