Fringes of Space

The Stygian Caldera

An Enemy Revealed

Easy Goings

Following the destruction of the Zann Consortium-ran pirate fleet on the edge of Hutt space, the crew of the Gravy Train prepared themselves for their next hyperspace jump alongside the Corporate-sponsored fleet of mercenaries and pirates. With the help of the advanced artificial intelligence, VEGA, the group jumped to hyperspace with about 5 days left until they were on the Perlemian Trade Route.

  • Dal, of the Crimson Aces, kept his ship on the Gravy Train.
  • Most talk was idle chatter usually instigated by either the crew or Captain Asteer.

“Random” Imperial Inspection

A few hours before the crew arrived at their next “turn” on the Perlemian Trade Route, the fleet was violently ripped out of hyperspace following a quick warning by VEGA. The relatively large fleet was greeted by an imposing Victory-class Star Destroyer and an Immobilizer-class Interdictor cruiser. All ships were greeted by an imperial moff’s voice with intructions not to leave formation and typical boarding procedure. It was clear that the fleet was going to be thoroughly inspected.

  • Every ship in the fleet was inspected by a boarding party of imperial troops.
    • The party consisted of several stormtroopers, some technicians, and their commander.
  • Among the boarders was Moff Maxemillian Tempkin who only provided simple questions to the gathered crew.
  • Also there was the Imperial investigator Roark.
    • He questioned the crew about any involvement in the recent terrorist attacks on Imperial citizens.
    • He also mentioned wanting a droid spouting the “seeds of vengeance.”
  • The boarders left after searching each ship and finding nothing, even in the Stellar Drax’s Vault.
  • The crew did a sweep of the ship and found several trackers aboard.
    • Vega instructed each crew to not alter the devices and wait for Kevamu’s orders.
  • Once the Imperial boarders left empty handed, the fleet resumed its jump to a non-disclosed place.

Rhen Var’s Icy Tomb

While the contents of the Stellar Drax’s vault continued to be a mystery for most of the fleet’s crew, the fleet continued to it non-disclosed destination off the main hyperlanes. The fleet came out of hyperspace and was greeted by a dark blue frozen planet surrounded by ice debris. This planet would soon be revealed to be Rhen Var when Kevamu would collect a group of volunteers to head down to the planet.

  • Kevamu told a group of volunteers (aboard the Drax) that they were to head down to the planet and retrieve the “real” package.
    • The vault was revealed to contain nothing inside.
    • The Drax was to land while the fleet remained in orbit in case of attack.
    • The team on the ground hasn’t been heard from in a few weeks.
    • The ground team is to retrieve the package (it should be “wrapped” already) and maybe find out why the facility hasn’t been responding.
  • Several people, other than the Gravy Train’s crew, volunteered for the mission.
    • The entire, well-prepared First Sun Mobile Regiment
    • Most of the ill-prepared Car’Das mercenaries (the rest remained to guard the ship)
    • The moderately-equipped Fujari pirates
  • The three groups landed on the icy surface, while the rest of the fleet remained in orbit.

The ground team was greeted by a large, icy, cavernous entrance just off the landing pad. The entrance to the cavern held two broken, humanoid statues on either side. The cavern appeared to plunge into a tall, ice-craggy hill which also supported a research station and comm relay. A lit path around the right side of the landing platform led up to the research station.

  • Marcus and Jak went with Mot Tallon and the First Sun mercenaries to the station.
    • The found a small outpost literally split in two via a large hole in the center extending all the way down into the hill.
    • They got the power back online and found some research data.
    • They jumped into the dark depths.
  • Krassk and C-17 went with the Car’Das and the other half of the First Sun into the cavern.
    • They quickly discovered an icy, stone tomb with CSA excavators and dead personnel strewn about.
    • They found a burial tomb with a small cavern right next to it.
  • Both groups eventually regrouped at the small cavern.
    • The cavern was filled with many glowing red/green eggs.
  • After a few moments, the area began shaking and Tallon’s team reported a large creature attacking.
  • Jak and C-17 grabbed the noticeably smaller vault while Krassk, Marcus, and the mercenaries covered their escape.
  • A large, monstrous worm melted/burrowed its way to the main cavern.
    • The crew ran from it and Marcus placed a detonite charge to slow it down.
    • The creature rounded the corner and Krassk pulled out his “hidden” missile tube and shot at the creature
    • Marcus slid away, nearly dodging the missile, while the explosion surely killed the creature.
  • The commotion caused a cave in, prompting the group to retreat.
  • After nearly escaping the tomb, the package was loaded onto the flagship and the fleet regrouped in the planet’s orbit.

Jumping into the Stygian Caldera

After their Rhen Var excursion, the pirate’s attitudes started to change, noticeably. The First Sun was very solemn having lost one of their troops, while the Car’Das was triumphantly gloating after “their” defeat of the tunnel worm. Kevamu almost brushed off the crew’s victory even though VEGA took note. During the hyperspace trip, every crewmember of the fleet began to experience strange whispers implying a coming “doom.” Several of the mercenary guards on the Drax began to fight, while Asteer started to veer away from the flagship. Despite this, the crew eventually arrived at their destination.

  • The fleet came to an “entrance” to a thick, yellow nebula.
    • Kevamu and VEGA briefed the crews that their destination was through this bout of “uncharted” space.
  • Before delving in, the CR90 and two freighters that have been tagging along docked with the flagship.
    • Every crew was told to dock and deliver any found transmitters to the CSA crew.
    • Every transmitter was found and placed aboard the three ships.
    • The three ships proceeded to jump back onto the main hyperroute to CSA space, seemingly becoming a decoy.

Afterwards, the fleet began its dark journey through the nebula that would supposedly lead them to uncharted space. As the fleet continued, the whispers that they’ve been hearing have been getting more demented and masculine in tone; warning of the captain’s actions and intentions.

  • About halfway through the nebula, the fleet was attacked by a sizable force from out of nowhere.
  • Just before the ambush, a large fireball shot out of the Stellar Drax.
    • VEGA reported the damage and that Kevamu was nowhere to be found
    • The ground team began to scramble to put out the on-board fires.
  • The fleet consisted of 5 ILH-KK Citadel cruisers w/ boarding tubes and a fighter escort.
    • The fighter escort was made up of over a dozen M3-A Scyks distracting the forces port side.
    • The cruisers evasively and aggressively flew in fore/starboard side, going straight for the flagship.
  • The fighters were doing an excellent job distracting the greater fleet while the cruisers latched onto the flagship.
  • After the Gravy Train and Vorn successfully destroyed one of the cruisers, some of the fighters turned their attention toward Krassk and the Crimson Aces.
    • Jak was able to get aboard the flagship to help the ground team against the boarders.
    • Krassk was commed by the starfighter leader, Stig.
    • Stig swore vengeance against Krassk and proceeded to engage.

Aside: Stig’s Fall

Several months ago, not long after being sold to the mandalorians by Krassk and Dreke, Stig was hazily being dragged through an Imperial collections office and sold by his captors for around 100,000 cr. Being kept stunned and drugged by the Empire, he was placed aboard a small holding cell and taken on a 3 week long trip by none other than Aron Horne. The ship docked in a super massive ship/space station and Stig was taken/dragged to a lift that would take him to an old meeting room. Horne left leaving Stig with his new “captors.” Stig’s once-nemesis Winter confirmed his identity before leaving with Horne. Barton Fel came out of the darkness offering Stig power and vengeance on his old crew for selling him out. He told Stig that if he joined with Fel, he could bring order to a galaxy rife with chaos. Stig accepted, but Fel didn’t want to take any chances. A droid, similar to C-17 in appearance referred to as “Kerris,” was told to “process” him. Stig was infused with a yellow-gold substance.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Jak-Phi: Oath
  • Experience: 5


stigs stories: they dragged me away with what used to be my hand still bleeding out. drug me into an imperial outpost and collected on me, fucking cowards. hope they choke on those credits. they started pumping me full of drugs again and i couldn’t focus. Felt like i was slipping away losing my connection to life, the only thing i could think of was replaying krassk eating my own hand. It kept me conscience, able to drive on and eventually i knew i would figure out a way out of this. they drug me here, stunned me there, moving me around so much i lost track of time and everything else, just keeping myself going with the thought of revenge.
the drugs starting wearing off, i realized i was aboard an older ship, aron i realize has been holding me this whole time, i wonder to end.
im being dragged through another ship, think they went lighter on the drugs for a change to wake me up a bit, still only able to focus using my anger and thoughts of revenge to see anything, suddenly im unceremoniously tossed into a meeting room. i hear the familiar voice, winters, say name and then walked out by me. then i realized someone powerful was right in front of me. it was barton fel, wiling to take me in when my traitorous crew maimed and sold me off like they did the wookie. He promised to bring me back from the brink, and give me more power! to be part of something greater and bring order to the galaxy rife with rebellions! Even the power to destroy those who betrayed me. i gladly accepted, and took part of the ceremony to become part of them. My Revengence shall be swift.

The Stygian Caldera

Marcus POV
Journal entry 38:

It’s been pretty quiet since fending off those pirates. I took some time to go over any planets on our projected route. It looks like we’ll continue along the Perlemian Way, then branch off toward the Styigian Caldera. The Styigian Caldera is widely regarded as uncharted space, however looking through my old star charts from my imperial Academy days, I have some information about some of the planets within the nebula.

For the next few days I pondered through my old material, while maintaining the ship (which is going to fall apart, before the mission ends, I know it), and chatting with the Crimson Aces pilot. He’s hanging out on our ship while Krask is getting the Y-wing repaired on the Drax. It’s been easy going so far. One thing Is bothering me however, going over my material, it reads like information about the Caldera have been redacted instead of being unknown.

Update 1
Speaking of the Empire, just before our turn off the Perlemian Trade Route, VEGA, gave us a vague warning just before we were torn out of hyperspace. A Victory class Star destroyer and interdictor apparently wanted to chat. And wouldn’t you know it, the man in charge was our old friend Moff Maxamillion Tempkin. He told us that we would be boarded for a routine inspection. Not quite sure why he’s here. The Tion Cluster, isn’t too far from here, but still. We did get lucky however. Along with the typical inspection crew, an investigator from Kuat came on board. Looking into the “terrorist attack” there last year. He seams like he’s after C-17, who thankfully is currently out in the Y-wing with Krask. It looked like they were only investigating the larger ships, leaving the fighters alone so C-17 dodged a bolt this time. Agent Rourke also has C-17 alias Trie O-Dem. Something feels off about this whole inspection though, I’m gonna have a look around.

Update 2
Is that a comm ringing? Because I fucking called it! Those “Inspectors” probably thought they were real sneaky. They placed trackers at various points across the ship. After finding the first one, I informed the rest of the crew and we scoured the ship finding the rest. We contacted VEGA to warn the other crew members. Though it seams Vega was expecting this. He didn’t seam surprised and ordered me not to destroy or tamper with the trackers at all, and wait for further instructions. VEGA then began the jump to our next lo-cal.

Update 3
After coming out of hyper space, the captain called a meeting on the Steller Drax. We were currently in orbit over the Planet Rhen Var. an Ice world with a rather in-hospitable climate. Cap’n Kevamu then proceeded to open the vault that we were supposed to be guarding and low and behold it was empty. We were then informed we were to go down and retrieve the real package from the planets surface. The 3 ground teams and the lovable scamps from the Gravy train all agreed to go down and retrieve it. the installation however missed the last check in. So things may not be very “wizard” down there. (I hate that word)

*quick aside, Krassk decided he was going to go down, to an Ice world, with no Thermal Gear. Krassk, a cold blooded lizard man. Moron.

Update 4
Well that escalated quickly. Once we landed we split up to investigate the upper and lower facility. Jac, me and the First Sun boys investigated the upper, everyone else would go down to the lower and retrieve the package. All was not well when we got there however. Something had burned an enormous hole, dividing the upper facility clean in half. We managed to get the power back on and retrieve some messages, but nothing pointing to what happened. This may have been a dumb idea, I know Jac just bought a grav chute like mine, so when he wasn’t looking I grabbed him by the shoulder and fell into the hole. He was a little mad as we casually floated down towards what appeared to be the lower facility.

As we floated down we started seeing what looked like reddish green eggs, I started getting the feeling this hole wasn’t made by turbo laser fire. C-17 was waiting at the bottom and led us to the new package, It was inside what looks like a tomb. The Package was a lot smaller then, what was previously aboard the Drax. Around then The First sun boys up started screaming over the Comms that they were being attacked. They described it as some giant worm, and sure enough it burrowed/melted through the Ice began charging us. Jac grabbed the mini Vault and led the retreat. I told the pirates to run, while I attempted to place a detonite charge to slow it down. I could barely place the charge it all happened so fast. It was right on top of me when I finally got it placed. I turned to run and all I saw was Krassk aiming his missle tube right at me, As I was running toward him the Psycho fired a missile right at me. I barely had time to slide under it. The rocket trail singed the top of my hair. I turned back just as the rocket impacted the creature, the ensuring explosion set off my detonite charge. turning that worm into paste. I got in Krassk’s face about how he had just nearly killed me. Which he casually brushed aside and said I was fine. I wanted to be mad, but that whole thing was just way to badass.

update 5
After returning to the ship we exited hyperspace near the Stygian Caldera, before heading inside we were each told to dock with Action 6 and transport the trackers onto the CR-90 and 2 freighters, who were going to be a distraction. They began to jump back the way we came, while we began our subspace journey through the Nebula

The Stygian Caldera

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