Fringes of Space

The State of the Galaxy

Setting the Stage

A long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…


Fringes of Space

It is a period of civil war. Rebel spaceships, striking from a hidden base, have won their first victory against the Galactic Empire in the TION CLUSTER.

In response, the Empire launched a swift invasion of the system in order to find the hidden rebel base. BRIGIA, a planet in this sector, is in the Empire’s path.

In an attempt to stay out of Imperial space, four adventurers find themselves aboard an orbital checkpoint above Brigia. Only together, can they escape alive and survive in the fringes of space….

The Crew

Player Character Species Career Spec Obligation
Kelly Krassk Trandoshan Bounty Hunter Assassin Debt/Favor
Devin C-17 Droid Technician Mechanic Addiction/Bounty
Steve Stig’Val’Krumlar Chiss Smuggler Pilot Debt/Favor
Chad Saladdik Wookie Hired Gun Bodyguard Oath/Bounty
Alex Marcus Gagarin Human Explorer Scout Sponsorship/Family


The State of the Galaxy

The Empire

It’s been 18 years since the fall of the Old Republic. In that time, the newly-formed Galactic Empire has officially taken control of all the territory the Republic once had, made the Jedi order a distant memory, and established a military regime to protect it. Now that the Empire has total control over the Core worlds, Mid Rim, and some of the Outer Rim, they have begun to expand and explore Wild space and any unexplored sectors.

The Rebellion

In recent years, several parties have become disillusioned by the New Order leading to the creation of an organized, large-scale Alliance to Restore the Republic. Despite suffering many losses over the years, the Rebellion has finally procured enough strength to challenge the Empire.

Their first large victory was won above the skies of Turkana, a planet in the Tion Cluster.

After the Battle

Since one of their larger fleets retreated the battle, the Empire figured that there must be a larger Rebel presence somewhere in the Tion Cluster. In an effort to locate and destroy the hidden rebel base, the Empire instated Operation Strike Fear, an invasion of the Tion Cluster and a display of the might of the Imperial armada.

The invasion is swift. The speed of the operation has kept its identity a secret thus far, keeping the rumors of Imperial involvement from the rest of the sector.

Colonies on the Fringe Disappearing

Rumors of remote colonies disappearing on the far reaches of the Outer Rim have been spreading. Since the Imperial expeditions in wild space and the unknown regions, colonists have been taking advantage and settling the remote planets. Some of the investigations have found colonies and their structures missing with no signs of violence.

The Campaign

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“Inside the Circuits”
By C-17
Chapter 1 Part 1

The YZ-900 was a success!! After a mere 28 years of nonstop depression, acid rain, and failed construction attempts I’m finally free of Raxus Prime! Don’t get me wrong, Raxus Prime does have its own strange beauty to it. Just a few years after I buried Mr. Muas a Dayblossom began to sprout from his gravesite. Before I left, I decided to take that Dayblossoms seeds with me…maybe plant them some day: “The seeds of….” ahh I’m sure it’ll come to me some day…

Anyway! Look at me, sitting here in this cockpit writing in my little journal that I took from that peculiar man asking for some credits when I should be heading inside to catch up on the Galactic Republic News! I just arrived at a strange spacestation in orbit of Brigia. Hopefully I can head inside and get a drink or two, maybe some M-Gold as those younglings call it these days, and be on my merry way to Pasmin! Better lock the YZ up, I just saw a trandoshian and a wookiee head inside armed to the proverbial teeth — Can’t trust those degenerates! C-17 signing out.

The State of the Galaxy

Marcus POV:

State of the Galaxy
Were on our way. After 2 long, agonizing years of Empire scouting school, I’m on my way. After graduating the Empire gave me my contract. A Planet out on the fringe known as Drongar. Interestingly they gave me an additional objective, when I reach Drongar I’m to find a plant. My empirical liaison called it “the Bota Plant”. This seams to be the primary goal of my sponsorship. With my training complete I was to sent aboard a Empirical transport to Lantillies were I was to meet the pilot the Empire had chartered for my expedition. Have to say I was quite surprised about the pilot that was waiting for me.

Stig’Val’Krumlar, A pilot from the Chiss Ascendancy. A very rare sight. The Chiss were a topic of discussion during Scouting school. From an area of space almost completely unexplored by the empire. Seams like competent sort. Certainly knows his way around a cockpit. A bit of a show off though.

Update 1
We’ve been traveling along the Perlemian Trade Route I insisted on taking a pit stop at the wheel. With the Empire’s laws on gambling, how could I pass up on the Gambling Capital of the Galaxy. And of course, after a night of losing a decent amount of my credits, we took off again.

Update 2
I have to say, the Empire chose very well with this Pilot. After leaving the wheel, we had a little hyper drive trouble and came out of hyper space near Centares. While Stig and I patched it (not a major issue just a bad motivator) We had the misfortune of attracting some pirates. Stig was fantastic, they had the drop on us, and even still Stig out maneuvered them, they didn’t manage a single hit. We were aware how ever that they had a faster Hyperdrive then we did. So, thinking quickly we prepped the hyper drive as if we were going to jump down the Perlemian route then with Stig’s maneuverability broke line of sight and jumped down the Triellus Trade Route instead. Whether they weren’t going to follow us at all or if our fancy trick of misdirection worked I’m not sure, but we weren’t followed. So our plan now is to continue along this route till Handooine then take some back wood routes to Brigia, then the Pakuuni Drift to Pakuuni. I know Pakuuni is a bit of a haven for outlaws but hopefully we can hire some mercs for protection there. From then on its uncharted travel till Drongar.

Update 3
We’ve made it through the backwood routes near Brigia. We’re being hailed by a Imperial space station. I don’t know what they want but we need to refill anyway so might as well dock. I really need stretch my legs a bit, we’ve been on this ship since The Wheel. Maybe I can see if there’s a Scouting Bureau on the station. What’s the worst that can happen.

The State of the Galaxy

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