Fringes of Space

The Slicer, the Scholar, and the Lost World

While We're in the Neighborhood

Split in Brigia

The crew decided that they were going to travel to the lost world of Ossus and uncover what the “great disturbance in the force” that the late Thorin Ziil was investigating over the last year since they were in the area. But before navigating the notoriously hostile Cron Drift that kept the planet hidden, they decided to do some quick errands.

  • Krassk needed the expertise from the expert slicer, Dorvax, to infiltrate Star’s End.
    • Krassk and C-17 went to the D’ian to find and recruit the Drall slicer.
  • Seeing that Brigia, A.K.A. New Alderaan is the home of his misplaced people, Marcus wanted to look into the new leadership.
    • Marcus, Sirra, and Jak-Phi remained on Brigia to uncover the old resistance.

Shortstack’s Marshy Apartment

Using the Vorn the two landed in the marshy, balmy world of D’ian. Compared to most worlds in the CSA, this agriworld housed very low-to-the-ground buildings in stark contrast to other abandoned skyscrapers in the marshes. The surface of this world frequently flooded, leading to lower, wider buildings that could withstand the flooding being built later in the colony’s life.

  • With no leads, Krassk traveled to a tech shop, knowing the slicer would inevitably go there.
    • The Tiss’shar directed him to a old Dejarik club where they used to meet.
  • While near the abandoned club, the two asked various truckers driving by.
    • One of them eventually told them that lights could be seen coming from a specific skyscraper nearby.
    • The two went to investigate the dilapidated, ruined, flooded building with vines growing through it.
    • The skyscraper spanned 50 floors before hitting the top luxury apartments.
  • The two ascended ~40 flights of stairs before being stopped by a break in the walkway.
    • They tried accessing the turbolift, but were stopped by the aware slicer.
    • They sent a message to the slicer and negotiated their way into the lift.
  • While slowly ascending, the Drall asked several questions.
    • Why they needed him? (Recently hacked Star’s End)
    • What they were willing to do/pay? (His own ship, big enough to store his gear)
    • What he knew of Star’s End? (Hole in the orbital defense grid)
  • After negotiating with the small slicer, they agreed to move his stuff onto the ship until he got his own.
    • Until then, he will offer his help when necessary.

Investigating Doria

After visiting with the relocated Mama and Papa Gagarin, Marcus decided to look into the seemingly-utopian city of New Doria to make sure that they’re safe. Certain that something is wrong with the alleged “New Alderaan,” Marcus, Sirra, and Jak went to look past the vacuum-clean streets and investigate the old capital of Brigia, Doria (Old Doria).

  • The three looked around the packed, dusty streets of Doria.
  • They traveled to the semi-ruined rich district in the once-capital.
    • This district in particular was showing the scars of war.
    • Corus Varook’s old manor was still intact.
    • The old planetary governor building is now home to a wealthy Bothan couple
  • Putting on the ruse of a couple of tourists w/ bodyguard, they spoke to the bothans.
    • The man, Plovath, told them he was an old scholar fascinated by the old revolution.
    • The woman, Kala, was mildly miffed at her husband’s obsession.
  • The group was invited into the house for tea and talk.
  • while touring the home, Marcus looked in Talia Varook’s old bedroom
    • He found a floor safe that has been recently accessed.
    • It looks like a weapon, datapad, and clothing has been recently removed.
  • He informed Sirra via Gank comm implant, prompting her to look for the items.
    • She found them in the den downstairs, and convinced Kala to let her have them.
    • She retrieved Talia’s datapad, Plovath’s notes, and Talia’s old disguise kit.
  • Jak was paramount in distracting Plovath (intentional or not) by discussing history.
    • Plovath was wooed by Jak’s extensive knowledge of ancient lore.
  • The group accessed the datapad and found that Plovath has been obsessing over Talia’s sudden disappearance.
    • Her journal states that she would likely hideout in the old tenloss syndicate base that Vaneesh helped her hideout in a year earlier.
    • Since she was vague, Plovath doesn’t know where that is.
  • After finding this, the trio left to pickup Dorvax’s slicing supercomputers on D’ian in the CSA.
    • They loaded up the gear and returned to the Tion Cluster to prepare for Ossus.

The Lost World

Reunited, the full crew traveled to the outskirts of the Cron Drift, a super-dense nebula created by a supernova nearly 4000 years earlier. Using the star charts given by the Baran Do, Jak directed the group through the nebula, eventually arriving near a large yellow planet with three small moons. The barren planet, brimming with lightning storms was known to house a small spaceport on the South east continent within the Eocho mountains. The space around the planet was a vibrant blue and orange masking the usual blackness of space.

  • Knowing where it was, Jak directed the Lightcaster 3000 to Knossa spaceport ruins.
    • The valley that held the old city held orange/gold stone ruins of buildings, statues, and other monuments/structures.
    • The area was dotted with massive crevasses, possibly holding caves and other structures.
    • The plains were mostly barren save for various rocks and old, dead trees.
    • The sky was constantly stormy, giving the constant threat of lightning strikes to either people or the ship.
  • The Lightcaster 3000 was set down in a large clearing near the spaceport ruins.
  • Having only a vague idea to where Ziil may be (if alive at all), the group sought the great library.
    • The library was at one of the peaks of the Eocho mountains.
    • Jak tapped into the darkside to seek out the location
  • Along the way, the group was ambushed by a group of humanoids riding large, reptilian beasts.
    • The humanoids(Ysanna) wore white tribal masks, dark cloaks, and carried simple bows and arrows.
    • The beasts(Kirruk) resembled more rigid/craggy dewbacks with taller front legs and shorter hind legs.
  • After a quick intense fight, the group managed to defeat the attackers.
    • 2 Ysanna, 1 Kirruk captured/incap. 2 Ysanna, 3 Kirruk fled with wounds/strain.
    • The group prepared to interrogate and understand the lost, native storm shepherds.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Marcus: Family
  • Experience: 10


Marcus POV
Journal entry 43:
We’ve landed on Brigia, funny how we’ve come full circle. All roads lead here I suppose. I don’t know what Jak and C-17 have been doing but in a matter of a few days C-17 has lost both his new ship and Jonesy in a billards game. Only C-17. For now though he and Krassk are going to collect this hacker fellow. In the mean time, I think I’ll look into this new government, if this place is calling itself “New Alderaan” I want to make sure they’re not trying to take advantage of my homeless brethren. Also the fact that Garo Desyk had a hand in over throwing the old Brigian government. I have a bad feeling about this.

Update 1
Why does nothing ever go right? I swear this galaxy has it out for me. After already having my suspicions that Fel may have something to do with this Tavos Corp, The rebels told me that they’ve seen some one fitting Desyk’s descriptions talking to the current government as a representative of the Tavos Corp. The Tavos crest also depicts the destroyed world of Malachor 5. Interestingly, I can’t find any information about what happened to Talia Varook. I feel like She has some importance. I don’t think after she betrayed her father to help the rebels. I doubt she would bail on the rebelion. It’s a stretch, but I’ve got a feeling she’s still involved in all of this. Jak, Sirra, and I are on our way to Corus Varook’s old mansion in the old town portion of Brigia. Security was even tighter around here then in the newer portions of town. We approaching Varook’s manor now, hopefully my hunch proves successful.

Update 2
After we reached the mansion we discovered a Bothan couple had moved in. With Sirra and I posing as tourists interested in the historical significance of his home the husband gave us a tour. Jak (posing as our bodygaurd managed to keep the Bothan Historian engaged in conversation long enough for me to slip into Talia’s old room. Searching quickly I foud an old stash away that may have held Talia’s belongings very quickly. Fearing I’d be detected I rejoined the conversation. I was nervous it’d be suspicious if I tried to slip away again so I sent Sirra a message over my Gank to check out the Husbands office for Talia’s stuff. She then slipped away with the wife, with any luck Sirra can work her magic. A quick aside however, this Bothan Plovath, has a quite impressive array of knowledge regarding the history of this world. His knowalge may prove useful in the future. Sirra joined back with the group smiling. After thanking the Bothans for their hospitality, we returned to the Wayfarer. Sirra did retrieve Talia’s data pad. After thumbing through it it seams she and a new group of rebels may be hiding in the old Tenloss hideout.

We’ll have to look into this later however, we just received a message from Krassk. They retrieved the hacker and need the Wayfarer to get him back. So ill thumb through the datapad a little more till we get there.

Update 3:
The new crewmate settled in nicely, has a ton of computer equipment, about as cliché of a hacker as one would imagine. Regardless after carefully navigating the Cron Drift. We began our descent onto Ossus, Jak actually had an idea where this jedi may be hiding, he knows of a jedi library on this world. That’s our first stop. Getting there may be a bit of a challenge unto itself. It seams like near constant lightning strikes are threatening us. Anywho off to the ruins.

Update 4:
After a solor flare fried the surface of this world I’m amazed the natives are still around. After reaching into the ruins of the city we were ambushed by a group of them riding large beasts. We held our own, while trying not to actually kill any of them. Even with there primitive tech: mounts, bows and arrows, they proved to be much more dangerous then first assumed. They must have some attunement with the force, as I watched the arrows change direction mid flight and find a gap in Jak’s armor. I noped the hell out of there. Even with the force, those arrows could only have so much range, I used the grappling launcher to get on top of a ruin and hopefully away from there fire. *could the force affect an arrows range if it can affect its trajectory? Regardless, I managed to knock a rider from his mount using a det’ round (and probably wounding him more then I intended). After re-positioning the others managed to scare off 2 and knock all but one out. I tried to tell the final one to surrender, I could vaguely grasp some of there speech. Unforunatly either I didn’t translate as well as I hoped or the battlefield was too loud but the last native didn’t surrender. Forcing Jak to knock him out. After the fighting I treated the wound’s of the two unconscious archers. Using one of the tranculizer darts from krasks air rifle I plan on keeping them sedated long enough to get the point across that we arn’t hostile. Oops, speak off the Sith, one’s waking up. Time to get to work.


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