Fringes of Space

The Scraplands

Business is Boomin

Mantellian Scavengers

Since being stranded on Ord Mantell after having their ship, The Wolf Thorne/Bloated Gundark, confiscated by the Empire, the group have been trying to get enough money to purchase a new ship. After spending another night in Nek’s hideout, the crew started looking into scavenging runs in Ord Mantell’s vast scraplands.

  • C-17 looked over his new shop (20000 total: 3000 down, 7 obligation)
    • Had 1 security droid, 1 protocol droid, all of his needed gear.
    • Made a fantastic sign: Mod Tech Automation
  • The remaining group gleaned information from the ScavHaul Corporation’s MOD, Morteos.
    • There are several mercenary groups out in the scraplands in addition to swoop raiders.
    • He offers the rental of several different vehicles for use in the scraplands.
    • Group rents an A-A5 Speeder truck (speed modded)
  • Krassk notes a large group of slaves and slavers moving through Black Sun’s district.
    • Discovered that Clezo has authorized his Bounty hunters to start taking slave contracts.
  • The group piled onto the speeder truck along with C-17’s salvaging station and left Worlport.

The group set out in the wastes occasionally stopping to get search/scavenge some decent gear. Along the way, the group ran into several short encounters.

  • Along the way, the group noted several groups of Mantellian Flutterplumes and Savrips.
  • During the first night, the crew pressed on in the dark.
    • This led to an ambush by an unidentified group of raiders.
    • The crew escaped into the night taking a (soon fixed) critical injury on their truck.
  • The crew pulled salvage from several different zones, nearly filling the truck.
  • The group was ambushed by a group of raiders, equipped with rush troop transports.
    • The raiders were to storm the ship, but were afraid of any possible radioactive supply.
    • Their transport mysteriously crashed, prompting the crew to attack the raiders.
    • After the fight, the 2 prisoners were interrogated (learning nothing) and executed.
  • After a few more days of travel, the crew encountered an acidic sludge river.
    • The crew jumped the gap and revealed a previously-hidden tunnel leading to a buried, semi-intact vessel.
  • Being night, the crew decided to enter the tunnel before morning.

Mikka’s Bounty

Having deviated from the group, Dreke decided to track down his Rodian drug dealer bounty, Mikka. In order to do that he:

  • Snoops around the Gilded Lily and speaks to the bartender, Amthau.
    • Amthau reveals that Mikka frequents the cantina and the cantina is a safe haven for smugglers.
  • Dreke returns to the cantina fully geared up, looking for Mikka
  • He finds Mikka and 2 friends drinking
    • Approaches them, professing desire to work with them. Gets a job to sell spice down in the slums.
  • Tracks Mikka and 4 friends out of the cantina. Follows the two friends that split off from Mikka and the group.
  • Interrogates the friend and discovers that he doesn’t know anything.
  • Dreke snoops around the southern starport district for Mikka.
    • Is given directions from a friendly ship mechanic.
  • Ambushes her and her crew aboard their ship, killing 5 and wounding Mikka.
  • Mikka limps away, the Empire captures the ship (2500 cr to Dreke), and Dreke survives the encounter.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Sirra: Family
  • Experience: 12



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