Fringes of Space

The Myrkr Expedition

Small worl...galaxy.

Saleucami to Myrkr

After procuring the necessary equipment for the crew’s journey back to the forest planet of Myrkr in an attempt to find the source of the planet’s force suppression capabilities and hiring a gand findsman (Xerus) to assist in the tracking, the crew was ready to leave the planet.

  • During the trip, several events happened in hyperspace.
    • Ziil and Krassk trained Gary to be a better tracker.
    • Dorvax was heard doing something among his maze of servers
    • Faarl was found playing the Kloo Horn at “night” by C-17
    • Two Sil 4 vessels were found on one of the legs of the trip.
  • The vessels were found to be a pirate ship (Ghtroc 720) harassing a civilian hauler.
    • After posing as fellow pirates, the crew boarded the ship and left C-17, Jak, and Marcus
    • The pirates were confronted by the ground team leading to the captain’s defeat.
    • After capturing the ship, the pirates were identified as Zann Consortium “members.”
    • The crew let them go, assisted the civilian crew in continuing their trip.

Surveying Myrkr Part 2

After leaving hyperspace, the crew found themselves in orbit of the temperate planet. Knowing that the dense Great Northern Forest housed the cause of the force suppression, the crew opted to land in the arid terrain between twin lakes and the forest.

  • Marcus, Jak, and Xerus (gand) rode their speeder bike into the forest.
  • C-17, Krassk, and Sirra used this time to attempt to track down another Vornskr pup.
  • After a few days of travel and speeder ferrying, the group established a small base camp in the forest.
    • Marcus and Xerus identified a grove surrounded by trees and hills that showed the force suppression effect on Jak.
    • Krassk, C-17, and Sirra saw a pair of Vornskr tracking, but avoiding the party.
    • The three attempted to follow them back to their den.
  • After a few hours of tracking, both groups were interrupted…

Ambushed by a “Mysterious” Hunter

While searching for the force suppression plant/animal, Jak was struck by an invisible blaster bolt, stunning him while C-17 heard the sounds of mechanical paws trudging through the forest. The group was being tracked by someone good enough to remain unnoticed for several days…

  • Marcus immediatly identified the high-tech blaster bolt as Venka Daraay’s
    • This discover led the other group to realize that they were dealing with his droid, F1-2K.
  • Marcus, Xerus, and Jak were stuck in the forest playing cat-and-mouse with a hidden target.
    • Xerus and Jak were struck multiple times after neither hiding nor attempting to search for their shooter.
    • Marcus used the terrain to sneak around while searching for the shooter.
    • After several minutes, the hunter fled, leading Marcus on a chase.
  • Sirra, C-17, and Krassk confronted several droid minions led by the formidable droid.
    • The group dealt with hunter dog droids equipped with an aerosolized neuroparalytic
    • Finally, the droid appeared laying down heavy fire with a light repeating blaster.
    • Using several ion weapons, the group disabled the droid.
  • Two stun traps later, Marcus was able to track Daraay down to his Loronar-class scout ship.
    • There was a small camp erected around the ship’s landing zone
    • Daraay was seen entering the ship’s loading ramp.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Group: Daraay & F1-2K
  • Experience: 3



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