Fringes of Space

The Home Stretch

Reborn Silencer Revealed

Food Troubles

Having just defeated one of the two fleets waiting to ambush them in the rightmost route of the Stygian Caldera, the corporate-sponsored pirate fleet, led by Sirra Lightcaster, performed some light repair on their ship, knowing full well that a similar, yet larger, fleet was on their tail. With food supplies dwindling, the crew either needed to spend some time scavenging or accept the morale loss tied to rationing what they had left. With only a few parsecs remaining until the end of the sector, the crew just had to hold themselves together.

  • The fleet stopped for 1 day and repaired some of the Stalwart Claymore’s damage.
  • The fleet jumped forward another parsec.
    • Sirra kept the crew’s morale from falling.

Making a Blind Jump

As the fleet continued through the sector, the group compiled all of their map data. The data showed that there was another, disconnected hyperroute that VEGA could jump to, given enough time. The crew decided to take the risk, knowing that this would throw off their pursuers.

  • While waiting for VEGA to make the preparations:
    • Krassk and C-17 jumped ahead to scout the area.
    • Jak decided that the crews should repair their hull once more.
    • Marcus was told by Faarl that the enemy fleet placement has been too convienent and he doesn’t trust one of the crewmembers.
  • Krassk and C-17 went into orbit of Ch’hodos.
    • They learned that this planet connected back to the center route.
    • They were swarmed by 3 Dorna’enok Sithspawn.
    • After dispatching them, they collected their bodies, hoping to get some supplies.
    • The crew would come to get 2 fleet food supply from the creatures.
  • Once the fleet was together, they made their “blind” jump between routes.
    • They emerged safely on the other side near another planet.

Ancient Auto-Guard

The star system waiting for the fleet on the other side of hyperspace held a dark, thunderous planet covered in lightning storms. A preliminary scan of the planet revealed that there was a faint signal coming from an outpost on the surface. Sirra decided to send an away team to investigate hoping to either find some map data or supplies.

  • Krassk, Jonesey, C-17, Marcus, and 4 First Sun Mobile Regiment went down.
  • The several craft brought them down to the smoothed, black surface.
  • Just as they approached the base, 2 defense turrets extended themselves.
    • The group evaded them, landing in an area far from the outpost.
    • Marcus searched for a good way to proceed/enter the base.
    • The group found a hidden route, away from the defense turrets, leading to the side of the elevated structure.
  • The group climbed the building, and dropped into the dark insides through a hatch.
  • The interior was similar in appearance to the other black metallic w/ gold accent asteroid base encountered earlier.
  • The room had several droids (8) and another, larger droid manning the station.
    • The droids (and faciltiy) appeared to be at least 1000 years old, fulfilling their orders from then.
  • The group planted some explosives and ambushed the group.
  • After nearly losing a FSMR mercenary, the group left the outpost having defeated the droids and taken their map data.
  • The group returned to the fleet where Jak was keeping the mercenaries away from the package.

The End of the Line

The group proceeded to the alternate exit to the Stygian Caldera. After flying by another, useless planet and doing some light repairs for the last time, the crew was ready to start their exit. The group knew that the last parsec would contain an “ace-in-the-hole” according to C-17’s info from the Marauder’s captain. VEGA informed the crew that the final stretch of super-dense nebula had to be traversed via subspace.

  • Once ready, the crew jumped into the final sector, ready to fight or flee.
  • The fleet emerged next to a small planetoid just a few km from the nebula.
    • The planetoid offered concealement due to the fragments coming from it.
    • The far port side of the final nebula was brimming with lightning storms and other natural hazards.
    • The crew detected a large (sil 6) Ubrikkian battlecruiser lying in-wait starboard.
    • The Gravy Train’s crew determined that the ship likely belonged to Garo Desyk.
  • Knowing the ship could rival the whole fleet, the crew opted to sneak by.
    • The ships gained momentum, shut off their engines, and coaseted into the nebula.
    • While coasting by, the cruiser did not appear to notice them.

Desyk’s Devastator

The fleet, having traversed almost the entire caldera, was nearing safety as every ship was flying through the dense, orange nebula in subspace. Nearing the end (after a slow 20 hour trip), the noticed a massive blackness beginning to “emerge.” At first, The Stalwart Claymore’s crew thought that it was the blackness of space, only to realize that it was a supermassive ship beckoning the fleet’s response.The massive (sil 9) ship, later identified to be called the Reborn Silencer, sent a transmission to every crewmember’s personal comlink.

  • The message, given by the voice of Garo Desyk, offered surrender of the package.
    • He offered them near equal to pay to what their corporate sponsors were offering and a guarantee to survive.
  • After hearing this, The Stellar Drax crew decide to finally open the package.
    • The object inside was 1-foot-wide tetrahedron made of black metal, adorned with gold accents and ancient heiroglyphics.
    • Jak recognized this as a Sith holocron.
    • The voice stated that it was too late to glean anything that could help them. saying that it need more time to train them.
  • VEGA informed the crew that the craft was blocking the way.
    • The only way to successfully jump would be to get past the ship.
The crew decided that the only had three options:
  1. Surrender the holocron, get paid, and likely be hunted by the CSA.
  2. Power Through, try to get to the other side of the massive craft, and quickly jump to safety.
  3. Turn Around, try their luck through the mapped caldera, ignore hunger, and hope the entrance is clear.
  • Quickly, the entire fleet’s crew decided what they were going to do next.
    • FSMR (Tallon) wanted to survive (either run or surrender)
    • Fujari (Lurzz) were commited to finishing (power through)
    • Moza, Tyrus, and the Crimson Aces wanted to finish and survive (power through)
    • Car’Das (Voss) wanted to get paid (power through or surrender)
    • Francesca’s Fortune (Asteer) and Twilight Marauder (Knack) wanted to survive.
    • The Gravy Train and Vorn (PCs) wanted to power through.

The fleet decided to power through the craft, knowing that the Gravy Train would be the least likely ship to get through without being captured. Marcus rounded up everyone and as much stuff as he could into the escape pod, while B4-D4 volunteered to evasively crash the ship. Shortly thereafter, the escape pod was unable to detach. Marcus investigated and found a combat-ready B4-D4 waiting. Realizing that B4 was likely the mole the whole time, Marcus engaged the droid, destroying him with a missile tube allowing the escape pod to detach from the ship and be brought onto the flagship.

Following a fast and furious engagement with the cruiser, most of the fleet was able to get away. During the evasive flying, the Francesca’s Fortune and Twilight Marauder were tractored and brought into the ship. The fleet was far too busy with its own ships getting grappled.

As the last two ships jumped (Krassk and C-17), the crew was on their was to CSA space. Knowing the proximity to the Hydian Way, the fleet knew that they were safe from their pursuers and continued into the safety of Corporate Sector Space.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Marcus: Inquisitor
  • Experience: 5


We are currently in subspace doing some light repairs to the Stalwart Claymore. We’re in a bit of a pickle. Based on what Jak gathered inside the enemy ship, The Enemy left two fleets, to ambush us. Thanks to the confusion about C-17, we dealt with the smaller group. That unfortunately means that the larger one was now right on our tail. The food we raided is enough to get us by, but If we go the long way around we’ll have to ration which may push morale to the breaking point. If we stop for too long to gather food, they’ll catch us. There is however a third option. Based on the charts we have, there is another way to the end of the Caldera. It’ll subvert our pursuers, Get us around any ambushes further ahead, and get us to the exit before we have to ration our food. The downside, we’d have to make a blind jump. Which as everyone knows is suicide. Its a short jump, no longer then the mirco-jumps we’ve been making, but its going through uncharted space. We could fly right through a star, or bounce too close to a supernova and that’d end our trip real quick, wouldn’t it? With the options he have we’ve got no choice. Vega is preparing the bling jump now.

If a millennia from now someone finds this data pad on this long forgotten derelict ship. Hello, If there is a New Alderran, would you kindly deliver this to it. So a least a small part of me can make to where my people ended up.

Update 1

HELL YEAH! WE MADE IT! I can’t believe we did it. We bought our selves time and shook off the enemy fleet. They’ll never expect that we made a blind jump. Only a mad man would make a blind jump. While we all were celebrating, Sirra stayed on task, the planet we exited nearest was sending out some kind of a signal.

Sirra ordered an away team to go down and investigate. Krassk, C-17, Jonesy, Me and a squad of First Sun, were to go down and investigate. On the way down 2 turrets extended out of a hillside. Oddly enough they were firing ballistic shells not turbo lasers. Obviously this was a very old facility we were heading towered. We evaded the Anti Air, and set down a ways ahead of the enemy. I scouted around any ground defenses and we entered the facility. Once inside we encountered a gaggle of ancient droids, must have been a 1000 years old at least. Still following the orders of their long dead master. They were none too happy to see us and engaged in combat. We dispatched them, but not before they nearly killed one of the First Sun boys. I tried to stabilize him, but he went to into Cardiac arrest then his heart stopped. I had to use the Cerebral stabilizer to bring him back. He’s gonna be a little off from now on. But he’ll live.

We didn’t find anything useful here, but these droids have markings that look to be from the ancient Sith Empire. Is that where we are? I know the Sith used to use fortress worlds and nebula during the Sith Wars. The Empire has tried to erase most evidence about the ancient Sith. But they were referenced in the Academy Scouting school , one of the instructors had a thing for ancient lore.

Were on the way back to the fleet now.

Update 2
We just exited hyper space, We’ve made it to the end of the Nebula where the enemy has an “Ace in the hole”. There in clouds of the wall of nebula was a Ubrikkian battlecruiser, It looks just like the one we saw Garo Desyk in all that time ago. It didn’t move so we assumed it hasn’t seen us. We flew around the only world in the system. Used its Gravity to slingshot us around its gravity well. We then killed the engines and coasted into through the wall of the Nebula. Were just coasting through now. Based on our current speed, we’ll reach the other side in about 20 hours. I’m gonna catch some sleep as soon as I finish this entry.

I think I’m starting to put all of this together. I was trying to find information on Deysk because he was searching for Fel. The captain of the Cruiser we had just fought thought C-17 was in charge. About a 6 months ago, we were on Pasmin and saw the other C-17 Kerris, So Kerris must be running the show with these guys working for Fel. They must have captured Desyk and taken his ship. Using it as the Ace in the hole.

Update 3
Were about to die. We finally know the truth about everything. Not that it matters anymore. We made it to end and an enormous ship was waiting for us. The Battlecruiser from earlier pales in comparison to this thing. Over an open comm Garo Desyk contacted us. (shoots down the theory from earlier) He offered us near equal pay, if we surrendered the package to him. Sirra and the rest decided it was time to figure out what was so valuable. They opened the package, and Jak saw it as Sith Holocron. (was right about that at least) The plan now is to just power through and try to run. Unfortunately the Wayfarer isn’t coming. Its too slow and too bulky, it has no chance of escaping. So now the plan is to us the Gravy Train as a Shield. Abandon it and fire it straight at the Goliath of a ship in front of us. Hopefully causing some damage if nothing else that it will at least occupy one of the tractor beams.

Its funny we only agreed to come on this mission in order to fix the wayfarer up, and now its going to be the sacrificial lamp to aid in our escape. Farrl, Jassic and I are loading up everything we can into the escape pods which we’ll use to join up with the Drax. Once we were about done I set some explosives on the bridge to hopefully prevent Fel from knowing everywhere we’ve been.

B4D4 told me he’d stay behind. He said he’d do what he could to aim the ship toward weaker points of the enemy ship. Its usually the captain that goes down with ship not the Medic. Were just about done with the loading. I’m gonna say goodbye to B4. Its sad to see him go, he’s been with us since the beginning. Been at my side, when we’ve needed to sow up our crew mates. He’s been a great assistant and a good friend.

Update 4
A good friend my ass. Farrl talked about a spy on the CSA mission. We’ve had a spy on board from day 1. When I attempted to detach the escape pod, it was being overridden. When I went to investigate, B4 was waiting for me, light repeating blaster rifle in hand, and he light me up. He yelled at me “I’m sorry sir, but I must follow Master Desyk’s orders”. B4 had been a spy for Desyk all along. I knew that I couldn’t take another hit like that so a threw a grenade into bridge and ran. I could hear B4 following me. I fired a couple shots back to slow him down. I made it to the escape pod, and grabbed Krassk’s Missile tube. I lined up the shot and waited for my “friend”. When he rounded the corner, I blew him to bits. In doing so caused a hull breach, sucking what was left of him out into space. The Explosion must’ve caused a motivator on the escape pod to fail. as it broke loose and C-17 picked us up. Then we made our push, I didn’t see most of it. I was being stitched up on the Drax, but I did see the name of the ship on the comm signal, The Reborn Silencer.

Afterword Krask gave me the play by play. He and C-17 flew escort and destroyed some of the Tractor beams. Unfortunately Francesca’s Fortune and the Twilight Marauder were captured. Krassk tried to rescue them. but then C-17’s new ship got grabbed. Krassk left them to there fate and saved C-17. The two of them where the last ones to jump out. We’ve successfully kept the holocron out of Fels hands. Thank the Creator.

The Home Stretch

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