Fringes of Space

The Hidden Vault of Pybus

Vortga's Paranoia

Exploring Level 2

Having “teamed” up with Graayl Nor and his mercenary treasure hunters, the group + Jacek were carefully searching the lower levels of the paranoid Hutt, Vortga, in an attempt to find and steal his mythically vast wealth.

  • The group braved the dioxis gas and Amphibipoles to get from the tomb to the “hub”
  • The group found themselves amidst a warm pool with a spherical geothermal generator.
    • The room had several paths leading out and required that 4+ people stay and ward off the constant amphibipoles.
    • the room was connected to the prevault room.
  • PreVault held several transparisteel-protected droid dispensers and a pentagonal tablet.
    • The tablet had 6 places for the statuettes the group has been collecting.
    • The tablet was surrounded by a 3 walls, each with a different environment.

Statue Roundup

The group decided that they needed to accrue two more statues. Marcus and C-17 went one way, while Jak and Sirra backtracked to fully search the upper level. Krassk remained in the prevault with jacek.

  • Marcus and C-17 found an old trophy room that had caved in.
    • The a stairway leading up was found. C-17 disarmed the explosive trap within the door.
    • They also decided that the trophy room was smaller than it should be.
  • On their way back, Jak and Sirra decided to crack open the Nikto’s tomb.
    • Jak found a Nikto statuette.
    • Sirra risked setting off the alarm by finding the Nikto’s cortosis staff.
  • Krassk overheard two of the mercenaries talking (Mar and Anto)
    • He heard Mar saying that they should just take the whole share.
    • Krassk brought in Anto an tried to charm him to curb any possible betrayal.
  • The group came together in the trophy room to find the final statue.
    • The rest of the trophy room could only be accessed via amphibipole tunnel.
    • The final (Sakiyan) statue was behind a transparisteel cover and surrounded by 3 stuffed creatures.
    • Jak cut through the casing and took the statue, triggering its explosive defense.

Last Defense

After accruing the statues of various different races native to Hutt space (Sakiyan, Hutt, Nikto, Klatooinian, Vodran, and Weequay), the group had to place them in the correct order. or be attacked by 6 droids.

  • After arranging the statues (Hutt in the center, Nikto outside) the group triggered the droids.
  • After defeating them, they called in the other group to analyze the tablet.
    • The Sakiyan and Nikto corrected them on their placement.
    • If the group followed their advice, they would put the Nikto in the center and the Hutt on the outside.
  • The group submitted the placement, opening the gate.
  • A long hallway led to a treasure room filled with aurodium bars and pieces
    • Among the gold were 3 special objects in their own sections
    • The group grabbed them all and everything that they could realistically carry with them.
  • As they were looting, the ruins began to rumble. They were collapsing.

Divvying the Loot

The group, carrying as much aurodium and treasure as they could, managed to barely escape the crumbling ruins of Vortga’s tomb. The group escaped the ruins, watching them sink into the geothermal hotpools below with pockets full of treasure. Both groups pooled their hauls together.

  • 108,000 cr of loot was spread among 12 people. (9000 cr per person)
    • This included The Morrigan scrolls and the Eye of Gamor.
    • Did NOT include the Siren’s Soul
  • After some negotiation (with the help of a hidden thermal detonator) both sides left “happy.”
    • The mercenaries agreed to help Krassk with something “once.”
    • Jacek got to keep the Siren’s Soul
    • Everyone (except Krassk) got 9000 cr of credits (Jak got less, but kept the scrolls).
  • Rich, the group went to Nar Shaddaa to heal, resupply, and have proper denouement.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • C-17 Bounty
  • Experience: 20
    • Krassk: +1



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