Fringes of Space

The Drongar Expedition

Scouting the Jungle

Plot to assassinate Lankin

The six galactic adventurers, fresh off of delivering Teemo’s shipment in the lower levels of Nar Shaddaa, was preparing to depart to explore the Drongar system until Krassk, fueled by rage, enlisted C-17 and Sirra Lightcaster to assassinate the Nikto thug, Lankin, who had made a fool out of Krassk/Krad during the supply run.

  • Sirra, C-17, and Krassk descended into the Old Duros Sector once more.
    • Group simulated conditions to bait Lankin (muon gold in crate on repulsorsled)
    • Krassk meets with Lankin and attacks.
    • Attracts several Vrlbthers, forcing the group to run away.
    • group defeats monsters. Incapacitates Lankin instead of killing him.
  • delivered Lanking to their Duros contact
  • Stig and Marcus bought supplies to aid them in their survival expedition.
  • Group takes the fastest route to Drongar.

The Drongar Expedition

While surveying the planet, rather than finding a general location where the Bota would be (Marcus’ goal for the Empire), the group detected a faint signal coming from a crash site or escape pod. With enough food and water to last everyone (including their five passengers) 3 weeks on the planet.

  • After leaving the ship, the six adventurers broke into two smaller groups.
    • Group A: Dreke, Marcus, and Stig
    • Group Z: C-17, Krassk, and Sirra
  • The vast majority of the jungle is covered with a dense coverage.
  • During the adventuring, the group:
    • crossed rapids (swinging and forming a bridge)
    • got lost in an area of immense darkness
    • found a cave with a set of large parts, servos, and motors
  • the group eventually came upon a debris field used as a proxy for a nearby escape pod.
  • After scaling/going around a sheer cliff, the group found the escape pod.
  • Once the green bug swarm was eliminated, the group found the location of the main hull of a large ship.

Mid-Jungle Exploration

  • Group spent 4 days in the jungle.
  • There are only 2 hours left of daylight.
  • The group plans to split, clear the area around the escape pod, and land the ship there.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Marcus: Sponsorship
  • Experience: 20



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