Fringes of Space

The Dead Road

Hapan Slaves and the Empire

Revisiting the Brigian Resistance

While resupplying on Brigia, hidden in the Doria’s shadowport, the group wanted to find out what became of Talia Varook and if she would be a potential ally in the future. Marcus, Krassk, and Jak, under the guise of hunters, went into the now-tamed wilderness to investigate the old refueling depot that they left behind a year ago.

  • C-17 and Sirra spent their time in a cantina.
    • C-17 wooed the crowd with his Karaoke skills
    • C-17 also met the new Trayus Corp grunt, Stormtrooper 1, asking about what happened to Stig
  • Marcus, Krassk, and Jak ventured into the jungles being watched by Eye-in-the-Sky drones.
    • They shook the drones and scouted the base, revealing that it was used a within 3 months.
    • Seeing that it has been abandoned, the group looked to use their LRTS to map the underground tunnels
  • After finding a tunnel entrance near the beach, the group scouted them out.
    • The group spent a dozen hours following the network of tunnels
    • they were only able to find the underground entrance to the refueling depot explored earlier using sight alone.
    • Jak was able to guide them to Talia Varook via the force.
  • The group found an underground base with several submersible craft and a turbolift to the surface.
    • Once the guards were contacted, they were brought up to the base.
    • The base was the old, semi-destroyed remains of the Alliance mountain base ruins.
  • The group found Talia Varook and informed her of Fel/Tevv/Desyk’s plot.
    • She offered to help scout the city, but needed someone who could blend in to do so.
    • Marcus volunteered Thorin Ziil, knowing he would be perfect.
    • Talia promised to have some information on how to combat Fel.
    • She knows that the only way to unite other groups against Fel is to get real evidence that he/devastator even exists.
  • After returning to Doria and leaving Ziil behind, the group set off to rescue Teemo the Hutt.
    • Jacek was also quick to remind Krassk of the treasure hunt nearby on Pybus.

Checkpoint Trouble: Slave Edition

The crew was on their way to the Hapes Cluster to drop off their rescued slaves. Along the way, they came across an Imperial checkpoint station. As per protocol, Lightcaster 3000 was obligated to land and go through cargo/personnel inspection. The ISB agent in charge found that the slaves didn’t have proper ID and had to detain them until the proper owner was found. After a couple of days, the owner, Seela Var, sent in a claim and was on her way. Knowing this, the crew came up with a plan.

  • If Var couldn’t offer evidence of purchase for the slaves, the slaves could be bought by someone else.
  • The group had 2 days before Var was in system.
  • Knowing the danger of her ship, the crew went to the Hapes Cluster for aid.
    • They explained their situation to fleet commander Haladon.
    • She explained that the Consortium has a deal to not enter Imperial space.
    • However, she also said that Haladon would reimburse if the slaves could be rebought.
    • She also promised to repair their ships if any damage was taken.
  • The crew returned to the checkpoint.
  • Unfortunately, they couldn’t possibly intercept the ship without knowing where it started.
    • Sirra spoke to the ISB agent and found that the planet was Lyn, just 2 days away.

Slaver Seela Var

With a starting location, Jak calculated the most likely course to get from Lyn to the checkpoint. The three ships, Lightcaster 3000, Main Spring, and Vorn jumped to hyperspace hours away to find the ship already preparing to jump. The Twi’lek captain, recognizing the ships began to attack while prepping the jump to hyperspace.

  • The Vorn was immediatly disable via Var’s ship focus-firing it.
    • the Vorn did the most damage previously, and was the biggest threat.
  • Despite losing their fighter support, the Lightcaster 3000 and Main Spring were able to nearly destroy Var’s transport.
    • Lightcaster 3000 took heavy damage, while Main Spring was mostly undamaged.
    • Var yielded to the superior firepower, but Jak decided to destroy the ship rather than allowing an escape.
  • After dealing with Var, the group returned to the checkpoint, waited a week, and bought the slaves.
  • The group returned to the Hapes Cluster and left the slaves with Haladon.
    • True to her word, she reimbursed and proceeded to repair their craft.
    • Knowing it would take almost a month, the group used C-17’s ship to continue rather than wait.
    • The group left Lightcaster 3000 and the Vorn and proceeded to Hutt space.

Jacek and the Dead Road

As the group approached the Dead Road, a series of hyperlanes in Hutt space that allowed access to the Bootana Hutta, Jacek began reinterpreting his grandfather’s old notes and preparing the hyperspace jumps. At each leg of the journey, Jacek must spend more time than usual calculating the jump.

  • The first leg of the journey was a graveyard full of ships from several eras.
    • Many ships have already been scrapped and dated back as far as 25,000 years ago (Xim’s Empire).
  • The group spent some time looking for anything worth taking
    • They found a Kossak-class ship with a couple of guns on it.
  • While waiting, captain C-17 picked up a distress signal
    • The repeating signal stated that the nearby Ferrealis transport and crew needs help.
    • They allegedly were ambushed by pirates and have minimal life support and heavy damage.
  • C-17 wanted to help and docked with the Suwantek TL-1200 Transport.
    • The group was immediately ambushed by 8 pirates.
    • After several sonic blasts and concussion grenades, it was clear the group was going to be captured.
    • However, Marcus was able to cause a hull breach, driving the pirates away
    • Already donning space suits, the crew managed to shuffle out before the pirates returned.
  • Jacek was finished with the calculations when the crew returned to the ship.
    • The Ferrealis proceeded to chase them through the junkyard, but was unable to keep pace.
  • The group jumped to hyperspace and made it to a lone space station.
    • In need of rest and supplies, the crew approached the station…


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • None.
  • Experience: 8



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