Fringes of Space

The CSA Facility

Vaneesh's Favor

Mantellian Scavengers Reformation

Currently deep in the bowels of a CSA-sanctioned research complex on behalf of Vaneesh Chekka in an effort to find a large, radiactive power core, the five galactic adventurers quickly healed their wounds from the last encounter and continued further into the facility to uncover its mystery. After thoroughly searching the subsection of the bottom level, the group decided to enter the next area from multiple angles knowing that further droids are aware of their presence.

  • Marcus and Krassk peeked into the next room to find several droids ready to ambush them (10 BX, 1 turret, 1 droideka).
  • C-17 and Stig went through the open pit area and crossed the heavily obscured pit to get to the other side.
    • Once there, the duo set up next to the door.
  • The group attacked the prepared droids from two different angles.
    • The group dispatched the droids, taking only light injuries.
  • Once clear, Dreke came out through the next door, fresh from his fight with the IG-100 magnaguard.
    • He gave them the map of the facility and info of the last chamber before returning back to the surface.
  • Before leaving, the group searched the area.
    • Only vague hints of what the facility was is present among the burnt rooms and debris.
    • The only thing left intact is a safe embedded in the wall.
    • Unable to open the safe, the group cut the safe from the wall and hauled it with them.
  • The group entered the chamber housing the IG-100 only to find an empty carbon-freezing chamber.
  • Wary, the group stealthily searched the chamber for information/clues and a way to open their new safe.
  • Despite their attempts at stealth, the group was ambushed by the powerful droid adversary.
  • After a short, one-sided battle, the droid surrendered to the group (out of character for droids).
    • The crew eventually convince the droid to come along after proving that they mean to recover the power core from whoever took it.
  • The crew eventually find 3 large cylinders of carbonite.
    • After thawing each of them (and panicking after thawing the one filled with waste), the group uncovered 2 people (1 dead).
    • Ben, the survivor, was a mechanic that was aided by the magnaguard (now called Magnus) to escape from their attackers.

Once together, Magnus and Ben told the group about their attackers. They were researching a large, multi-faceted power cell that was deduced to be capable of supplying power to an immense factory/starship/spacestation. The two described an attack by an unknown force composed of several different members (droids, cloaked men, and Car’das). After the attack, the survivors on the lower floors waited for rescue. However, the “backup” went on to slaughter the survivors and burn all the evidence. Magnus was given command of a new group of BX droids and “hired” to guard the pit from intruders.

  • The crew collected the key to the safe from Ben and opened it up.
    • The safe was full of datacards and design documents relating the the research.
  • After thoroughly searching what was left of the facility, the group began going back to the surface.
    • On their way back, the group heard what sounded like a large ship landing near the pit’s hole.
    • Rather than confront it head on, the group used the alternate entrance on the West side of the facility.

Inquisitor Catch-Up

After collecting a (hopefully) adequate amount of information relating to the power core being researched by the facility, the group loaded the evidence on the transport along with the semi-delirious Ben. Krassk and Marcus scouted the area to discover a large man wearing a dark cloak wielding a red, ignited lightsaber. The man, detecting Stig’s force presence, took note of the group’s direction and began walking toward them.

  • Fortunately, Gary was lovable enough not to be smitten by the Dark Jedi and was tied up in the cargo skiff.
  • As the group was loading up to escape, Magnus and Stig decided that the Dark Jedi was a threat and had to be dealt with.
  • As the Dark Jedi approached, Marcus quickly realized that he was his cousin, Aron Horne.
  • The group eventually decided to confront Aron Horne and his small group of stormtroopers.
    • Krassk and Marcus crawled around Horne’s flank.
    • C-17, Stig, and Magnus confronted the Inquisitor head on.
  • Horne revealed that he has been tracking them after his failure on Kuat.
    • He apparently took flak from his superiors about not “trusting his feelings” when speaking to Marcus.
    • He comes off as extremely aggressive toward Marcus and Stig.
  • During the fight with the inquisitor:
    • All 10 stormtroopers were dispatched with ease.
    • Krassk shot 3 rockets into the Lambda shuttle, eventually destroying it.
    • Magnus and Stig were downed several times.
    • Marcus revealed himself to Horne, causing him to be flustered and give up a turn.
  • Near the end of the fight, the group saw they were currently no match for the inquisitor.
  • The group attempted to escape, with Krassk moving toward the aerial transport, and the others using the cargo skiff.
    • Stig was downed again, forcing C-17 to drag him away.
    • Magnus was destroyed by the enraged Aron Horne.
    • Marcus started up the skiff in time for C-17 and Stig to get back on.
    • Krassk took off in the aerial transport.
  • The group tried to kill the stranded inquisitor one last time, but ended up having their only offensive weapon explode and the inquisitor take refuge in the pit.
  • In an effort to cut their losses, the group decided to leave Horne alive for the time being.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • Krassk: Favor
  • Experience: 7



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