Fringes of Space

The Brigian Rebellion

Escaping the Planet

Last Call

Having just delivered an eager Talia Varook to the Brigian Rebels Mayj Tevv and Garo Desyk, the group rested for the night and collected their payment the following day.

A Mandalorian and an Ambassador

On their way to tell Vaneesh Chekka about the successfully-placed tracking devices, an unassuming Zabrak introduced himself as a mutual friend of Mr. Chekka and that he wanted their assistance in capturing a bounty and possibly leaving the planet.

At the same time, Sirra rejoined the group to assist them in finding the hidden Alliance base and escaping the Imperial blockade.

Recruitment at the Cistern

While Marcus, Stig, and Sirra were busy trying to find leads on how to find the Alliance base, C-17, Krassk, their Zabrak associate traveled to the Cistern to recruit new players to the Brigian Rebel’s militia. After a lengthy brawl between C-17 and a burly cage fighter and a few games of Pazaak, the trio was able to secure 3 people for the Brigians and received 250 cr per person.

One Last Job

The group went back to the Rebels’ hideout and was informed that they were about to send the final expedition to find the Alliance base. Before then, the Rebels needed the group’s help one more time.

The group was to use an airspeeder, courtesy of Valo Nasirii, and some falsified credentials in an attempt to board and capture a shipment of weapons and various supplies deigned for the Imperial planetary fortress South of Doria. After getting the equipment they needed and getting thoroughly prepared, the group executed their plan.

Master Nasirii and F3-1K

While preparing for the heist, C-17 went to Valo’s shop to secure the airspeeder. The lights were out on arrival. Upon further inspection of the empty shop revealed a dead Valo Nasirii with his C4SSE: MC/RD-16 standing over him. The droid revealed that his master was interrogated by the droids that they encountered in the sewers the previous night and that they were employed by one of the remaining C-18 droids. The C-16 vowed revenge and enlisted the help of the confused C-17, telling him that he would contact him once he left Brigia.

Backwater Hovertrain Heist

Boarding by Foot and Speeder

The group split into two groups. Sirra, Marcus, and C-17 boarded the train directly using a set of disguises while Krassk, Stig, and the Zabrak positioned themselves and their speeders near the railway to the South. While the group was in the middle of capturing the train, the team aboard the train saw that they were transporting prisoners as well. Among the prisoners were Tendo Habat, Jafan Tillo, Lufta Kene, Tyvark, and Stormtrooper 1.Among the permitted train personnel was also the Imperial Embassy’s receptionist, a large contingent of stormtroopers, several maintenance crew, and the Zabrak Mandalorian’s human bounty.

Live Cargo

Once the train was successfully halted, the group loaded the speeder with the goods and the notable prisoners and left to deliver them to Tenloss Syndicate‘s isolated spaceport rather than the Brigian Rebel’s safehouse they were intended for.

In a final attempt to get the Imperial launch codes for Tenloss Syndicate, the group found that Doria was completely locked down amidst the rebellion by several AT-STs.

Getting a Ship

Working with Tenloss

Vaneesh informed the group that they found the Alliance base hidden in a mountain and that they managed to find a side entrance. The group was to enter the base and find a ship suitable for all of them, while Vaneesh and his team cleaned out the base.

Scavenging the Alliance Base

On approach to the Alliance base, the group noticed a large fight involving the Brigian Rebels and several walkers at the base’s front entrance. After some time scavenging the base, the group came across an old YT-1000 light freighter.

An Older Ship

After a few moments prepping the ship to leave the barren planet, several groups of people entered the hangar room. Among them, coming from different entrances, were the Brigian Rebels, the Tenloss Syndicate, C-17’s droid pursuers, a legion of Imperial troops, Garo Desyk leading the cloaked figures present at the mines, and a set of Brigian Peacekeepers seemingly tracking the PCs. After a short firefight between every group at the scene, the six galactic adventurers managed to all load into the ship and escape through the ceiling-entrance to this hangar.

Running the Blockade

Once the freighter cleared the base, the group noticed the orbital star destroyer commencing its bombardment of the base while everyone was evacuating. Before leaving the planet, the group quickly went to the Tenloss Syndicate spaceport to pick up the Mandalorian’s bounty as they had completely forgot about him.

The freighter escaped out of the planet’s atmosphere. After a quick chase involving evading 3 TIE Fighters and an Imperial Star Destroyer amidst the orbital wreckage of Ryckert Station, the group managed to escape the Empire and the planet through hyperspace.

Travel to Mandalore

Having no time to argue on where to go, the group set course for the Mandalorian’s “homeworld” Mandalore.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • 1st Half: None
    • 2nd Half: None (lucky)
  • Conflict & Morality:
    • Stig:
    • C-17: +6
    • Marcus:
    • Krassk: +4
    • Sirra:
    • Zabrak:
  • Experience: 30 XP



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