Fringes of Space

Tensions Rising

Finding a Way Through the Blockade

Limping back to Doria

The five galactic adventurers, having fulfilled their duties at the Brigian mines, pointed their AT-EST toward the city of Doria. During the 36 hour journey through the dense jungle, the group came across a recently-deserted campsite in a clearing showing evidence of a fire pit, four tents, two speederbikes, and 1 large force-cage.


Cashing in

As soon as the crew reentered the city, Sirra left the group while the rest decided to collect the Brigian Rebels’ and Imperial rewards. Before leaving to meet their contacts, the group questioned Valo Nasirii about about Venka Daraay’s (and by extension, Saladdik’s) whereabouts. Unfortunately, Valo tells the group that the hunter paid off his rented speeder bikes and left the city.

The group went to the Imperial Embassy to collect their reward. On the way to the embassy, the group noticed that the city has become far less welcoming than before. The streets were empty and quiet, with the exception of slugthrower and blaster fire heard in the distance. As the group approached the embassy, they noticed the increase in security and could only enter if they surrendered their weapons. The group delivered the shipping order to the disinterested receptionist and received a payment of 500 cr.

Wanting to cash in for their surveillance work, the group went to Tyvark’s cantina to drop off the recording device to the Brigian leaders. Tyvark directed them to a house in the middle-class district across the river to the west. As they were travelling to the west, the group noticed some noise coming from behind them. Wary, they decided to leave Stig outside to confront anyone following them. The rest of the group entered a large, but unassuming, house lavishly sporting a basement. The basement held the two Rebel leaders Mayj Tevv and Garo Desyk planning out their strategy on a large, war-games-esque board. The group received payment in the form of equipment and the promise of their own freighter.

Tenloss Corporation

While the group was collecting their reward, Stig remained outside to ambush anyone following them. While waiting, a purple-skinned Rodian came up to the Chiss and, having noticed the group working for the Empire and the Rebels, offered him a some potential work in exchange for information. The Rodian left him his card, revealing that he works for the Tenloss Corporation.

The four regrouped and went to the industrial zone to buy equipment and meet this new employer. Upon entering the corporate building, the group was escorted down a series of halls to a large, dark room featuring an unnamed Hutt sitting at a table, the Rodian standing in a corner, and several Gamorrean guards. The Hutt quickly greeted the group and left, introducing the Rodian as Vaneesh Chekka.

The group revealed to Chekka the motive of both the Rebels and the Empire, noting that the hidden Alliance base was somewhere on the planet. He offered the group some kind of vessel if they worked for the Tenloss Syndicate. The jobs in question were to steal the Imperial launch codes from the embassy and place tracking devices on up to three of the Brigian Rebels’ airspeeders.

The High Class District

Hired by Imperials and Rebels

Exploring their options, the group decided to see what the Empire and Rebels wanted. Moff Maxemillian Tempkin offered a ride off world to the core worlds in addition to payment if the group was to sneak into the rich-district and deliver an encrypted datapad to Planetary Governor Corus Varook. Afterwards, the Brigian Rebels hired the group to kidnap [[:taliavarook | Talia Varook] in order to sway the corrupt government to the Rebels’ side.

The group decided to do both jobs. This meant that they had to sneak into the heavily-restricted district either through the front gate, sewers, upstream river, or the wall itself. Once on the other side, their Brigian noble contact, Jafan Tillo, would help them.

Sneaking into the District

After resting and collecting some key gear such as a set of Noble Regalia, false credentials, and some other miscellaneous gear, the group attempted to infiltrate the district from multiple avenues. Marcus and C-17 went through the front gate posing as nobles, Stig prepared to swim upstream through the river, and Krassk jumped down into the sewers hoping not to get lost. Unfortunately, getting in was far more difficult than they thought it would’ve been.

After rushing to the front of the line while being berated by everyone in it, Marcus and C-17 tried to convince the guard at the front to let them in. The guards were very concerned about C-17 as he looked combat-ready. After several minutes of debate and searching, the guards let them in without discovering any weapons or putting a restraining bolt on C-17.

Once Stig successfully flailed his way up river and navigating through a power turbine, he found himself in a deep drainage ditch leading into a large tunnel. While traversing the tunnel, rushing water could be heard coming from deeper inside. Stig decided to latch onto the closest gate using climbing gear. Despite being tied off, Stig was pulled off of the gate, but managed to grab onto the edge of the drainage ditch.

Krassk, having not scouted the sewers before, got lost several times. He came across a group of vagrants in the sewer and asked them if they knew the way to the rich-district. They suggested that they knew, but wanted some money for the information. Instead, Krassk threatened them, leading to a fight. Once the Trandoshan killed his friends, the fourth vagrant ran for his life resulting in a lengthy chase. The vagrant ended up getting away, but Krassk was able to find his way out eventually.

Once the four reunited, they began scouting the area for the Varooks, meet their contact, and get some last-minute supplies.


Curtains Down

Tracking the Varooks

While Stig was staking out the Varook manor and Krassk was scouting out the sewers, Marcus and C-17 went to go see the Brigian contact, Jafan Tillo. The Brigian told them that Talia and Corus rarely leaves his manor due to the blockade. However, Talia was to perform at the Opera House later that night and Corus was to watch. Jafan gave them a map he made from memory and told the group to prepare for the event.

Infiltrating the Opera House

Stig watched the Varooks enter a vehicle and travel to the opera house and Krassk made his way through the sewers toward the opera house while Marcus and C-17 entered the opera house from the front door.

Stig watched Talia enter through the back entrance with the intent to follow her. However, the entrance was heavily guarded by several stormtroopers and construction workers playing Pazaak. Rather than confronting them, he used a turbolift to enter the house through the basement.

Krassk made his way through the sewers, trying his best not to get lost. While traversing the sandstone depths, he came across nine heavily-armed droids interrogating the vagrant that ran away from him earlier. It was apparent that the droids wanted to know more about C-17 and the rest of the group. Krassk planted a grenade and went to interrogate the vagrant for himself. The vagrant panicked, provoking the droids to attempt to pursue Krassk and force him to kill the vagrant. Krassk ran off, luckily finding an sewer grate leading to the basement of the opera house.

Meanwhile, Marcus and C-17 infiltrate the opera house only to find that its architecture was completely different from the schematic they had planned the heist around. The two decided to mingle and search the area for any way to get to the back room where Talia was going to be. After searching the kitchen, men’s bathroom, and upper floors the two found a vent in a room on the third floor.

Finding the Varooks

Stig and Krassk met up in the basement of the building and decided to stealthily move to find a way to the top. While moving through, rather than evade the guards, they decided to ambush two of them. During the ambush, two stormtroopers assisted the two peacekeepers. After the fight, the two called another trooper to come out to stun him and take his armor. Once Stig donned a set of laminate armor, he left to find Corus Varook, while Krassk remained downstairs to keep the exit clear.

Meanwhile, Marcus and C-17 incapacitated two patrons in a private room with a vent in it. After securing them, they both entered the vent and ascended to the third floor. They monitored Talia until she left to go backstage. Marcus and C-17 confronted her, forcing her to reveal that she has been trying to escape to help Mayj Tevv for several months but couldn’t due to a tracking bracelet. C-17 hacked open the bracelet and the three reunited with Krassk and departed through the sewers.

Fleeing through the Sewers

While the group was leaving, Stig wanted to fulfill the Empire’s contract and deliver the encrypted datapad to Corus Varook. Posing as a stormtrooper, Stig delivered the datapad and waited for him to read it. After he read it, the Brigian governor reeled in horror and pressed a panic button, prompting his peacekeepers to attack the stormtroopers on duty. Narrowly escaping through the vent in the destroyed women’s bathroom, Stig departed through a different sewer grate in an attempt to reach the group quicker.

Stig reunited with the group only to be shot by Krassk due to his disguise. The group fled through the sewers only to be intercepted by four of the droid group seen earlier by Krassk. After a tough battle wherein one of the droids tried to apprehend C-17, the group recuperated and fled from the rich-district.

While the rest of the group turned brought Talia to Mayj Tevv and Garo Desyk, Stig returned to the Imperial embassy to collect their payment (receptionist did not request the datapad). The group received credits, weapons, and promises of a final job to get their ride offworld.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • 1st Half: Stig/Krassk (Favor)
    • 2nd Half: C-17 (Bounty)
  • Experience: 15 XP



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