Fringes of Space

Starting the CSA Job

Carousing Nar Shaddaa

Bargos’ Money

After their triumphant victory at the Vault on Saleucami, the group left the fate of the Veiled Sorority in the hands of Kandria Grene with hopes that she will amass the sorority’s cells and unite in a hostile takeover against Cleezo. With about 1 week until they were to embark on the Corporate Sector-sponsored escort job, C-17 needed to drop off a package for Taskarti to Bargos the Hutt, while the rest of the crew needed to do some quick preparations.

  • The group landed on Nal Hutta to meet Bargos the Hutt.
  • Everyone entered his domain and were greeted by his Toydarian majordomo, Genko.
  • C-17 delivered the money and was thanked by Bargos the Hutt.
  • Before leaving, Krassk asked about Teemo’s fate since he was “removed” by Cleezo.
    • Bargos told him that Teemo was exiled from Clan Besadii and took refuge on Pybus.
    • Bargos warned him that hunters hired by Clan Desilic have been tracking him and that it’s only a matter of time before he is found.
    • Bargos also told Krassk that his newly found Ardos Disk could be used to get through the hyperlane leading to Pybus.
    • Since the Bootana Hutta is hard to navigate, Bargos suggested finding Jacek on Nar Shaddaa
    • Jacek is one of the few non-Hutts (that will talk) that can efficiently navigate the hyperlane.
  • The crew took this knowledge and traveled to Nar Shaddaa to get some supplies for the coming mission.

Nar Shaddaa Cantina Crawl

The group landed on Nar Shaddaa. They agreed to spend one day on the streets of Nar Shaddaa and be aboard the wayfarer by the morning. The group proceeded to split up.

  • Marcus went to sell the group’s goods and secure some quick ship-funds.
    • Some funds were used to remove some of the Vorn’s issues.
    • Others were used to get some last minute supplies and upgrades.
  • Krassk, Sirra, and Marcus went to the Orange Lady Cantina to look for Jacek.
  • Krassk met the neurotic, gray-haired human when he was in the middle of looking for some brave (or stupid) spacers.
    • Jacek told him that he wanted to explore Cyax, a planet near Pybus, to find a hidden treasure.
    • Krassk agreed and, fearing for Jacek’s safety, invited him on the ship.
  • Sirra met a young swoop-biker woman named Sunni Bounder.
    • Sunni told her about a high-stakes race that takes place every month or so in the Nar Shaddaa undercity.
    • She told her that 8000 cr was won before and the event draws a large crowd.
    • Sirra got her comm info and let her know that she was interested.
  • Marcus spoke to one of the Orange Lady’s many rebel sympathizers.
    • He gave him a location of a secure base on Dorin, hoping the word would get to Colin Ferrel.
  • Jak spent some time seeking out lightsabers that he would either already know about, or had no business knowing about. But was successful.
    • He learned that his father’s lightsaber was in, what appeared to be, an evidence crate in a dark room near the core worlds.
    • He also discovered that Qui-Gon Jinn’s lightsaber was a more secure holding container pointing to the central core worlds.
  • Jak also met with the Sakiyan, Manny Pardo.
    • Pardo wanted some proof that Jak could train a group of mercenaries for the Baradis College of Technology.
    • Jak was given a camera to record his tactics in an environment that benefit from it.
  • C-17 sought out a small group of the Car’Das mercenaries and devised a plan.
    • He followed them to a cantina near the Old Duros Sector armed with a pack of grenades on a killswitch.
    • He threatened them and sought to know where Paula Small was.
    • He also “planted the seeds of vengeance” and fled the cantina after getting some info.
  • Before leaving, Krassk, Sirra, and Marcus checked in on the airing episode of Everybody Loves Krassk.
    • They learned that the pilot was generally well-received, praising the acting of “Krassk” and Gord.
    • They watched the second episode live and saw that it went well.
  • The group met on the wayfarer and set off to Aduba to start the CSA job.

Meeting on Aduba

After a 4 day trip, the group found their way to Aduba, a habitable dusty planet only remarkable for its mining operations and recent catastrophe. The group found the staging area without much trouble and landed in a clear landing zone designated for their ship. There were already about 5 other ships in a circle with a few more expected to land shortly. The center of the circle housed a few thrown-together buildings housing the Corporate processing facilities.

  • The crew was immediately greeted by the stiff CSA personnel.
    • They wanted to inspect the ship and were instructed to go down for processing.
  • The crew obliged and were put through a series of tests to ensure that they were them.
    • Blood samples were taken, background checks passed, and various questions and medical tests were conducted.
  • Once the final ships were there, everyone collected in a staging area.
  • A tall, brown-furred Selonian wearing a militant corporate uniform was on the stage.
  • The Selonian introduced himself as Captain Kevamu and briefed the group.
    • The fleet was to travel along a set of known trade routes and a few unknown routes.
    • The escort would take 4-6 weeks to complete.
    • Any information on the “package” (a.k.a. the large vault being loaded onto the main transport) was not to be revealed.
    • All inquiries were to be directed to the Captain and the fleet’s managerial A.I., VEGA.
    • VEGA was to be linked to every ship to manage simple things like hyperspace coordination, food/power rationing, etc.
    • The escort is only to be paid when the flagship reaches its destination with the package.
    • Any friendly fire is to be dealt with summarily by Kevamu himself.
  • After a Q&A session, the crews were to introduce themselves:
The CSA Escort Crew
  • The PCs sent Krassk and named their ship the Gravy Train on the spot.
  • The flagship was an Action VI transport named the Stellar Drax.
    • The ship was outfitted with 6 hangar bays to house its escort
    • The ship also had an increased crew size to protect the package from boarders.
  • The 3 mercenary groups formed the ground team. The teams consisted of:
    • The First Sun Mobile Regiment led by Mot Tallon with Ravik second in command.
    • The Fujari Pirates “led” by Lurzz
    • The Car’Das led by Krillan Voss.
    • Each group had about a dozen members and each were expected to work in shifts aboard the_ Stellar Drax_.
  • The DP20 Gunship named The Stalwart Claymore was led by a mercenary group.
    • The crew that was introduced was Moza (Ithorian), Tyla Eren (human woman), Lowbar (wookie), and Cadan (duros)
    • The ship required a crew of at least 40 to operate at peak efficiency.
  • The Firespray Patrol Craft named the Francesca’s Fortune
    • The ship was piloted/captained by the cocky human Luca Asteer and his two sullustan copilots.
  • The YT-2400 named the Twilight Marauder
    • The ship was piloted by an all trandoshan crew, captained by Knack.
  • The Skipray Blastboat designation: (CSF) PT-B 3776.
    • This ship was captained by the short, intellectual Drall Cherim.
  • The other 3 ships (CR90 Corvette, YT-1300, and Ghtroc 720) crews were not introduced, preferring anonymity.
  • Finally, there was a 13 (now 14 since Krassk opted to fly outside the ship) fighter wing.
    • The wing was known as the Crimson Aces and was led by the middle-aged human Tyrus.
    • The fighters were comprised of a mishmash of Z-95 headhunters, Y-Wings, Cloakshapes, and M3-A Scyks.
    • The 6 ships that weren’t hyperspace capable were put in the Stellar Drax’s hangar bays.
    • The remaining ships would jump along with the convoy, taking periodic breaks using the hangars.

Aduba to the Perlemian Route

After the whole crew was formally introduced and the general gameplan was established (follow Kevamu/VEGA’s orders), the fleet assembles above Aduba and proceeded to jump to hyperspace. Kevamu orgainized the fleet having the Stalwart Claymore lead, Gravy Train on the left flank, Twilight Marauder/Francesca’s Fortune on the right flank, the Skipray blastboat on the rear, with the Stellar Drax in the center. He also opted to have the other 3 ships in formation below the more combat-readied fleet.

  • There wasn’t much to do except clog up the free comms with idle chatter.
  • After 4 days, the crew came out of hyperspace as planned once they left Hutt space.
  • As the convoy was navigating the planet’s slight rough, stellar terrain, they were ambushed by pirates.
    • The pirates, wearing the Zann Consortium banner, consisted of 6 fighters, 1 Gozanti cruiser, and 1 combat-ready YT-1300
    • The pirates tactics were to cripple the DP20 and draw the weaker ships toward the Gozanti/freighter.
  • During the battle, Kevamu noted that a force this size has been operating very effectively.
    • He ordered the fleet to focus on the Gozanti cruiser’s comms to remove the leadership.
    • Once the fighters that were harassing the Gravy Train were dealt with, the PCs decided to take on the Gozanti
    • The gunship quickly decimated the freighter once it was caught out of position.
    • Krassk fired two torpedos into the ship, nearly destroying it right there after a few fighters from the Crimson aces formed on him.
    • A laser cannon shot via C-17 crippled the ship’s navicomputer, denying its hyperspace capabilities.
    • The ship was quickly destroyed thereafter.
  • The escort was commended and VEGA organized their next jump.
  • The next stop was the Perlemian way, the most used trade route in the galaxy.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • C-17: Bounty
  • Experience: 8
    • C-17: +2
    • Marcus: +2
    • Jak-Phi: +1


Marcus POV
Journal entry 37:

Were on our way to Nar Shaddaa. We made a quick pit stop on Nal Hutta so C-17 could finish some business with Bargos the Hutt. Krassk inquired about Teemo. Turns out he’s been exiled and is hiding somewhere in Hutt space, which thankfully means he’s alive. After which Krassk found out about a man named Jacek he supposedly knows his way through Hutt space and has something of notable value hidden within. He’s hiding out somewhere on Nar Shaddaa. That’s a pretty convenient coincidence. Hopefully he doesn’t mind waiting, after a quick layover on Nar Shadda we’re going to begin the CSA job.

Update 1:
Touching down on Nar Shadda, We agreed that we’d spend one day, Gathering the things we would need for the job. I quickly found a vender to buy our Sorority salvage, and the accompanied Sirra and Krassk to find Jacek. With Krassk flashing his Hutt symbol we found the guy pretty quickly and aranged for him to fly us through Hutt space if we agreed to assist in finding this Hutt Treasure.
While we were in this Cantina Sirra wanted to meet one of Rebellion contacts, I asked to go along with her to give them the information I gathered on Dorin, and the base that could be built there. The Rebel contact was quite happy with this news and agreed to pass it along to Colin. Afterward Krassk Contacted all of us and asked if we wanted to watch a taping of everyone loves Krassk. We all agreed and gathered at the studio. Everything seeed to go well producers seemed happy. With that settled I returned to the Wayfarer for a nights sleep before the Dredded CSA job I hope we don’t end up regretting this.

Update 2:
We’ve landed on Aduba and just went through the introduction process for the escort mission. First and for most they inspected the Wayfarer and Y-wing, as well as confirming all of our identities via blood samples. Afterwards we gathered with all the other crews for a briefing. We were introduced to the The CSA main Captain Kavamu of the Action 6. Which is to be the main vessel we defend. Also on board the Action 6 is the Fleet AI named Vega, who would be handling logistics and Hyperspace jumps/routes. Following this each of the different factions Leaders introduced themselves.

First there where 3 mercenary crews: The well armed and prepared First Sun Mobile Regiment, the Fujari Pirates and a group of Car’Das pirates. Each of which would be abroad the Action 6 to defend the Cargo.
The first line of defense was the DP20 gunship, the Stalwart Claymore and her crew introduced by Captain Moza.

A Smaller patrol craft piloted by the pretty green merc crew of Francesca’s Fortune.(who we spoke briefly with earlier.)

A YT-2400 captained by Knack of the Twilight Marauder.

A Skipray Blastboat captained by a Drall named Cherim.

3 other ships which requested not to be introduced. (odd)

A 13 ship wing of fighters known as the Crimson Aces.

And Finaly the Crew of the Gravy Train captained by our own Sirra Lightcaster.

With introduction out of the way we boarded our ships and are now flying along the Prelemain route to our first stop being a set of coordinates outside Hutt space.

Update 3: I guess when the CSA said that information about this job had been leaked was true, because after our first stop an assortment of of Car’ Das pirate ships were waiting for us. Krassk in the Y-wing assisted the Crimson Aces with the fist wing of fighters. After we managed to pick off a few fighters that had targeted the Wayfarer, Under we moved to disable the Lead enemy freighter. We in the gravy Train attempted to engage, but with our ship being the lumbering piece of junk that it is, by the time we were within range Krassk’s y wing had disabled the freighters Hyperspace capability. It was dealt with shortly after. Vega commended our defense give special commendations to Krassk and the Skipray Blastboat. Now were back on course along the Perlemain Route. Things are going well enough so far.

Starting the CSA Job

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