Fringes of Space

Slumming it in Worlport

The Dark Side of Ord Mantell

Business Rivals

Fresh from their trip in the Mantellian scraplands, the crew was anxious to start finishing up any leads in Worlport and were to start looking into buying a Wayfarer to leave the planet.

  • C-17 wanted to deal with his business rival, Galus Vez of ModWorks Unlimited.
    • After following Vez home, he returned back to his shop to find a Gran unloading several crates of goods to Vez.
    • The Gran revealed himself as Pax Yees, and C-17 recognized him from his earlier sleuthing.
    • C-17 brought Krassk and Jak as his muscle and apprehend Yees and his associate.
    • C-17 learned that Yees was supplying Vez with stolen goods from piracy by Yees and droids from another dealer.
    • C-17 let him go.
  • Marcus bought a sniper rifle from an Ithorian hunter/weapon dealer.
  • Afterwards, the crew split into two different groups: Krassk/Jak and Marcus/Sirra with C-17 assisting both.

Dealing with COMPNOR

Marcus and Sirra wanted to both get a new place to live/hide while on Worlport and follow up on a lead on a disruptor pistol shooting that took place in the Northern residential slums.

  • They looked for a cheap place to stay in the slums near Nek’s old apartment.
    • Sirra found a ratty-looking apartment that was fairly nice on the inside.
  • The two secured the new place and moved most of their stuff into it.
  • Marcus convinced Sirra to follow up on a lead that he heard about 10 days earlier.
    • He told her about a disruptor attack on a teenager near the residential slums.
  • After searching, the two came upon the factory where it happened.
    • It had recently burnt down and the local were searching for clues and salvage.
  • Marcus convinced the person running the operation that he could help.
  • After some time searching, Marcus found an intact datapad among the wreckage.
    • Someone approached, inquiring about the pad.
    • Marcus noticed a disruptor pistol on the guy’s person, prompting him to grab the datapad and run.
  • Sirra and Marcus chased after the guy and successfully apprehended him in an alleyway.
  • Upon capture, the guy was rendered unconscious due to a hidden poison capsule that he swallowed.
    • Marcus resuscitated him and asked C-17 if he would come down with a bag and take him away.
    • The two discovered that the guy was a COMPNOR Agent after finding his fake ID.
  • They brought the bagged agent to meet Colin Ferrel in the spaceport.
    • Colin was acting strangely and wanted to meet in the open.
  • On the way, Marcus, Sirra, and C-17 noted a large amount of people with offworld visas.
    • Most of the people were going to Brigia, henceforth called New Alderaan.
  • Colin found Sirra among the crowd and told her that he and any rebel survivors are leaving the planet.
  • Colin also told Sirra that he couldn’t do anything with a COMPNOR agent right now and that she should “deal with him.”
  • The three went out to the empty wastes and offed the agent, stole his ID, destroyed the pistol, and kept the encrypted datapad.

Dosh Town

Krassk and Jak wanted to find the Trandoshan pirates/smugglers that had a bounty on the leader, Flessk, his ship, and Flessk’s 5 known crew. After discovering that they were in a place in the slums called Dosh Town, a subsection consisting of almost exclusively Trandoshans, the two went looking for Flessk and his crew.

  • The two learned of Dosh Town from someone at the Eyeshine cantina.
  • After sleuthing through the heavily-populated ruined buildings, they found one of Flessk’s crew.
    • He was an above-average charismatic Trandoshan named Kray.
  • Kray and 5 of his friends invited the two to hang out and drink with them.
  • Over the course of several hours, Krassk and Jak learned:
    • Flessk piloted a Ghtroc 720 and smuggled/pirated for Illo Vandin.
    • Illo Vandin was a crime lord that ran a gambling ring under the protection of the Zann Consortium.
    • Kray and his crew weren’t happy with their current, low-pay job.
    • Flessk only followed orders due to loyalty to Vandin, hoping to get better work soon.
    • Kray wanted to do the high-paying, risky CSA guard job.
  • Krassk promised to get enough information to sway Flessk from Vandin and take the CSA job.

Burning Bridges and Making Money

Wanting to take care of the Flessk thing right now, Krassk and Jak enlisted C-17 and the mad-claw wookie, Kerrvukk to meet with Flessk and hopefully convince his crew that they should leave Flessk and Vandin for Krassk and Teemo. Using the wookie as a fake prison with unrestrained binders, the four went back to Dosh Town and convinced Kray that they should meet Flessk.

  • The four were lead through a winding maze made from the remains of the duracrete parking garage.
  • They eventually found an opening where Flessk’s ship was docked.
    • There was a speeder truck offloading crates.
    • Several vagrants were scattered through the area.
    • There were 7 armed Trandoshan mercenaries moving supplies with Flessk directing.
  • Krassk met with Flessk and offered the wookie.
  • Immediately after meeting him, Krassk tried to convince the crew to join him.
    • He had no solid leads on any jobs, assistance from Teemo, or support from Kray.
    • Krassk was unsuccsessful in swaying the group.
  • After being told off by Flessk; Krassk, Jak, and Kerrvukk ambushed the group with support from C-17 from above.

During these shenanigans, Marcus and Sirra were busy selling any spare gear and equipment that the crew was willing to part with to get enough money to buy a Wayfarer. Jak and Krassk had already inspected a wayfarer that was going for 60,000 credits being sold by a salesman named Chet Draganite. The two knew that had to both get enough money and successfully negotiate the ship from the dealer to get the ship and finally leave Ord Mantell.


  • Obligation Triggered:
    • None
  • Experience: 12
    • C-17: +1
    • Krassk: +1


Archive: we returned from the wastes, i realized i need some more tools, im infuratied that hybrid got away from me, wont be happening again! while i was getting ready in the droids shop, suddenly c-17 commed Krassk and i to help him in an always against some thugs, we ran over and hid behind a corner, unaware of the situation. suddenly he flips out and a truck started trying to get away, c-17 knocked the thug a good so kraask and i went for the truck to stop the get away. i decided to go THROUGH the window not wanting to waste time swinging around like some clown. c-17 then calls it off, and just has us excort him back, dont know what the deal with that was, but if he was going for a scare, i bet we showed them how fast we can immoblize their operations.

archive excerpt: Afterwards, krassk said he could use a strong arm and head into dosh town to follow some kind of “lead”. his plan was bold, i liked it. we strolled in and just “chatted” up some fellows, got a few free beers out of it, seem like ok guys, wasn’t sure krassks goal here, but he told me to just play along, suddenly were basically mercs for hire. tried to sell these fellows on best i could being clueless about this venture or job that he knows about. gary didn’t bite to hard today, seemed less interested in me as we strolled through the dosh district, possibly something else smelled good for a change. lil guys growing on me, or gnawing on me at night randomly…

Archive excerpt: So krassk decided to go in ready for loud, made sure i stretched and judged the distace of the strong point in my swing, probably going to be in that smucks office and if he doesn’t like working for krassk, then i guess krassk just got himself a few more errand trandos. the other wookies more resistant to the idea of going in faked bound, but not the one i and marcus got clean, i thought about getting him a does just in case when we were in there and had to “open our own doors”. maybe not the best idea, but incase. i’d hate to be the one trying to stop him. bringing c-17 as our back up and run around to make sure no one gets out any doors in the back from us. still need to make that grav pack incase i need to leap from the building to stop this scum.

Archive excerpt: we meet with the beer gang again, i grabbed a cold one while krassk convinced them to take us to their leader, turns out were on a open area. shit, we weren’t ready for this, guess its time for some agressive negotations.

Slumming it in Worlport

Marcus’s POV
Journal entry #30

Well, we are once again returning to whirl port. Hopefully this will be the last time I have to say that. I do have good news. Were on the way towards C17’s shop and I think I saw a Model 38 in an Ithorian hunting shop. Seeing it reminded me of the hunting trips I took with my uncle as a kid. It’s the whole reason I’ve always favored slug throwers. Seeing him bullseyeing Manka Cat’s from Extreme ranges. Unable to stop myself I entered the shop, I must have it. The Ithorian wasn’t easy to bargain with. The Rifle wasn’t even for sale, but I still managed to convince him. Now my only issue is that this has been custom fit to an Ithorian, so needless to say I need to have someone (maybe C-17?) Re-fit this thing. Regardless, I’m so excited to be back into a slugthrower.

Update 1: So with all the excitement out of the way, Its time to get the basics sorted out, finding somewhere to live. With Sirra and I being the best negotiators out of the bunch, we decided to go house hunting. I guided us toward the northern slums, Somewhere preferably low key, got to keep off of Arron’s radar. Also thinking about the north to check into that disruptor shooting that Dr. Gray informed me of.

Update 2: Man, Sirra would make a bad ass real estate agent. The place she found us is perfect. Looks like like crap on the outside, but really nice on the inside. We’ll be low key enough to stay off of anyone’s radar and not have to live like total savages.

Update 3: Fuck, its game over man, game over. Sirra and I went to look into that disruptor thing in the slums, and we found out what happened, oh yeah we found out alright. When we got close to where it happened, we saw a smoldering Tibanna gas factory, and we just had to investigate. After talking to a local authority on the scene, he agreed to let me help out and take a look around. Sifting through the ashes I happened upon a data pad.

Not long after one of the authorities approached me about it. As we were discussing it he reached into his coat, and low and behold, he has a MOTHER FUCKING DISRUPTOR on his hip. Even better he noticed me notice it, grabbed the data pad and ran off. I don’t now what in the world possessed me to chase that asshole. I should have just let him go. At the time I didn’t think he’d have imperial ties. According to Krask, the Tenloss Sydacate produce them here, so odds of it being an Imperial were so low, but after a bit of a chase, me using the grapple launcher to slow him down and Sirra trying to talk him down, he eventually surrendered. After getting up close and turning him around his eyes started rolling into the back of his head, foam starting to form in his mouth. I’ve watched enough spy holo-vids to know cyanotoxin when I see it. He was trying to off himself and I just should have let him do it, but nooooo, I just had to play doctor and save him.

He was still unconscious. After searching his personal affects, I noticed his black sun credentials, I discovered a small emblem hidden within. He’s fucking Compnor. The Empires secret police. I now have at my feet a Compnor agent. How do these things keep happening. First an Empires hand, then a dark Jedi, now the Compnor. How can my luck be this bad. We have C-17 on the way, with a duffel bag to conceal the body. Sirra is trying to contact Colin Ferrel about what to do with him. Can’t we just have one week without everything going wrong.

Update 5: We just made contact with Colin. Him as well as swathes of other Ord Mantellians, are migrating to New Alderaan AKA Brigia. Half to pin in that till later. Starting with the good news: Colin was still alive and this whole thing wasn’t a trap so +/-1’s there. Bad news, is that in his hurry to flee, the only advice he could give would be to ice the agent. I didn’t actually speak with Colin myself, fear of this being a trap. I would have attempted to argue this point further, how could the rebels not want a Compnor agent? However, right about then I noticed my cousin. Thankfully he didn’t notice me. He seemed per-occupied inspecting the migrants. Probably expecting me to escape with the mass of people leaving the planet. Needless to say, I didn’t stick around long enough to let him realize his mistake.

Update 5: So here I am in the waste a could hours outside of town. C17 and Sirra have left already, not wanting to take part in what I’m about to do. It probably would be worth while to wake this asshole up and torture him for what he knows, But I’m not krassk, I don’t think I have it in me to torture some-one. Then again however, this fucker is Compnor, One of the Empires secret police, a bureau of bullshit designed to fill the heads of people that the empire is so fucking great. You know who would disagree with that? The 2 billion Alderaanians that have been silenced. And for what? A vulgar display of power, trying to quell insurrection? Thankfully, it seams someone has avenged my planet already, that gives me some solace. This bastard right here, well… he’s gonna get his death wish that I ignorantly took from him. I’ll have my vengeance by turning this son of a bitch into powder with his own gun. May his ashes languish amongst the scrape. He at least gets the comfort of dying in his sleep. More then he deserves. I did keep his credentials though. If the Rebels don’t have time to deal with him, maybe his credentials will be worth something to them?

Slumming it in Worlport

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